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Sunday, 5 February 2012

January giveaway winner....

is Ann B of Anne's Stamp Pad. Anne is a new follower to my blog which is really nice (and gives all you regulars a break from getting more of my old tat LOL).  Ann, I have left you a message so I hope you get back to me soon.

I am also very grateful to all my new followers and have done my best to contact you about a RAK but I do need to remind you that err... I need an address to send it!! I think I've got in touch with everyone except for Becky Thwaite - for some reason Becky when I try to contact you from your profile Blogger will only let me sign up to become a member of my own site.  I'm not even going to try and work that one out! So Becky if you see this perhaps you'll contact me. That goes for anyone else who thinks they became a follower since 15th January to help me get over 150 but hasn't heard from me. I have done my best to find you all but blogger has a very inconsistent way of recording some of this stuff!!

Well I guess we need a picture, but as I have been having a short break in the Canaries there's nothing new crafty to show you. So here's what I was looking at Friday morning.....

and here's the view out of my window today. I know which one I prefer!! (But I did miss my craft room).
Have a good Sunday all, I am just putting the finishing touches to the February Art Draw so don't forget to check back this week.


SusanLotus said...

Believe me when I say that we can´t get an ough of your beautiful creations! Very happy for Ann though :) Congratulations to her!

Lucky you visiting the sun!
But snow is great too and I can imagine you missed your craftroom. You can´t take all your crafty stuff with you in a bag unless you pack a container! :D

Have a very nice day!

Netty said...

Congrats to the winner. Glad you had a great holiday........but yuck reality kicks in..........x

Ann B said...

Yippee, I won! Thanks Cindy. I got your message and have already emailed you. Cannot wait to get my slide-mailer as I love Asian art and your work is lovely. Glad you had a good break - what a contrast in weather - hope you left your heating on.
Ann B

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