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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just loving digital!!

I bought the Serif  Craft Artist programme about 6 months ago now and am really loving its capabilities. When I get time to play with it I am always surprised by how easy it is. I especially like scrapbooking - this layout took me 10 minutes (you could say it shows!!) but if I was doing this with real papers etc I would still be trying to find two that matched that I was prepared to cut up (I have a serious problem with paper).  There are a million features that I haven't worked out yet but I try and play for a little while each week (problem is at my age by the time the next week comes round I've forgotten what I learnt the week before).

I've also made some cards with it (for those people who are not totally enamoured with the whole hand made thing - teens and men especially) and you can get a really professional finish (by that I mean it looks like it was bought in a shop). Obviously a lot depends on your printer and I've yet to 'produce' any of the larger layouts. I'm wondering if you could use one of the photobook applications available to get a nice photo quality reproduction. It would make a great coffee table book I think (not that I've got a coffee table).  Will give it a go when I've got a few more done.

I also use it to sort out things for the craft activities I do at work. Has been a lifesaver on a couple of occasions already.

Two things I do need to work out
- how to save my finished project in a sensible place (they seem to end up everywhere and then I spend hours trying to find them). Technophobia rules.
- how to import things from other applications (if that's the right word) and create my own digikits. (I think I did manage it once, but obviously more by luck than judgement.)

I suppose this may seem like a strange post, but I never thought I would get on with digital, but this is such an easy programme if you have been thinking about it take the plunge, you really won't regret it.

Ciao,  Cindy x


Jan said...

Love your results Cindy! I too have this programme and haven't played with it for a while... must get going on it again because, as you say, it is so easy to use and quite addictive.

Astrid Maclean said...

Great pages Cindy!
I too start to love digital more and more (I use PSE) Never heard of the programme you are using, off to check it out!

Happy Valentines day!

Stephanie Kraft said...

Beautiful layouts and card, Cindy! Sounds like a fun program and hope to see more!

Brenda Brown said...

These are fabulous Cindy - funnily enough I have just started making some hybrid cards again, but I just love the elements you have used. Where do you get yours - like the clock?
happy crafting.
hugs {brenda} xox

Deborah said...

It's a cracking little program, isn't it. I recommend checking out the video tutorials on the daisy trail web site (links to youtube). Tells you how to import your own stuff and how to convert images to stencils etc. There really is a lot going on under the bonnet. Your digi layouts are lovely, by the way, especially the last one.

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