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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Craft Stamper Inspiration

Every now and again I get a guilt trip about my collection of magazines (do like a bit of eye candy!!) that I read once and do't try out anything. Rather more frequently I have an even bigger guilt trip about all the stamps I have that don't get used. Looking back through my blog it would seem I am not as much of a stamper as my level of supplies would suggest. So looking for kick start here's a card and tag made following a tut in January's Craft Stamper. The colours really called to me.

I didn't follow the instructions exactly (well, what did you expect?) but pretty pleased with them all the same. So then I did my own version in different colours. Like these too.

One thing I did decide after all this time is that I don't like working with inks direct to my card blank. However careful I am to clean as I go I always get ink all over the back and then the finished project looks a mess. So in future I will do all my inkwork as a topper and then mount on the card blank. Looks much better. Oh and the blogger photo thing is still not resolved . I have managed however to get the photos the right way up but does mean I can't edit anything I want to publish as I think that may have been why they were turning around. So much more careful initial framing is required, not just my happy snap that I crop later. That can only be a good thing right? LOL see ya soon.


Deborah said...

I'm terrible about buying stamps and not using them! And I agree about not inking straight onto the card blank. These are really lovely, Cindy - and a great start to your resolution to make the best use of your magazines and supplies.

inkypinkycraft said...

Gorgeous makes
Glad I am not the only one who gets ink all over ! Trace x

Allthingsinky said...

Fabulous Set love the colours and stamps you used,The tags are Fab..

Amanda said...

I always remount mine for the very same reason, ink everywhere. I also have a wonderful collection of uninked stamps, so you are definitely not alone. I have had a huge issue with photo's and blogger since installing latest IE9 update but have found it works fine when opened through Firefox browser.
This might help if your problem is same as mine
Amanda x

georgina said...

Love these Cindy,Thank you for my xmas gifts yours are here on my desk DESPERATELY NEED YOUR ADDY!!!!!!!!!!! my computer wont let me e mail you for some reason and you must be wondering what i'm doing have messaged before but you must have missed them,luv Georginax

Meggymay said...

Gorgeous cards and tags, I'll join the club of messy folk who hoard stamps and get ink everywhere.
Yvonne xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Great take on the CS tut and I am in the same boat as you. I do get as far as putting flags in the pages of projects but .... oops!
I am with you on the ink on the back of cards, but you can buy huge post-its which I cover the back with just two of! Cheating I know but we are crafters aren't we?
Love the stamp on February's CS. Used it already!
Tee Hee
PS have you seen Julia's post?

chrissies said...

These are really special Cindy both the colours an the stamping look amazing.

I always cover the backs with something as they look so inky and messy.

I couldn't post pics at all for a couple of days so I downloaded the latest version of Picasa and all is well again and my albums were still there.

Love Chrissie xx

Carol said...

Hi Cindy, apologies for lack of comments recently time flying by!!!!LOL Love your card and tags, have just gor c stamper but not peeked inside yet!! Like you have a million mags I keep telling myself I'll sort out.....yeah right and super stamps for every occasion, most still in pristine condition. Have now decided to call myself a collector of all things crafty rather than a crafter LOL and that makes it all seem ok!!! Fab work as always
Carol xx

Sandy said...

Very pretty - I do love the colors. I could make a much better use of all the things I have bought - my resolution is NO MORE STAMPS until I use what I have.
Happy New Year!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

These are amazing pieces, love the colors and the stamping.

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