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Monday, 22 July 2013

Watch out, there’s Wolves about….

Hi, there, not much to report chez ashplant as I'm still not feeling very inspired - can't concentrate once it gets warm in here. So am concentrating on developing a decent tan instead!

However I did promise to keep you informed about progress with my Creepy House display for the Summer Reading Challenge.


Here is Mr Wolfie mounted on one of my display boards



I  think he looks rather cool. Ignore the yellow bit, he doesn't really look like he's frothing at the mouth it's the angle of the photo. In fact that yellow background is one of the Olympic rings we made last year - I never throw anything away, it's a good job I've got a big work room at the library!!



I’ve also made a Creepy Portrait.

When you walk in to the children’s library you see this:


Now behave, stop laughing, that’s not the creepy bit, just my amateurish drawings skills.






As you leave the library you see this




Does anyone know what this effect is called?

  I’m calling it Op Art and we are going to make these in a couple of weeks.

  I know they look a bit basic but when I’m prepping things I have to be able to do them in about 20 mins or the kids will have no chance in the time available and  this was a bit of a stretch  for me and I knew what I was doing so it’s a bit rough round the edges.

  Anyhow just thought I’d keep you posted. Now going to try to make a card or two whilst it’s still relatively cool. Have a good day!!







chrissies said...

Great makes both of them Cindy-well done you. Cooler here today for us with storms forecast at some point. Bet they arrive tomorrow-with the roayl baby, as Charles and Camilla are visiting Bridlington.

Love Chrissie xx

Fandhmum said...

The display is looking great
Rosie x

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