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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday. Don’t know which one.

Hello fellow deskers, how are you all? The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a bust craft wise for me but I’m slowly gearing up again.


However what I have on my desk today is still related to Creepy House. (It goes on till September so get used to it).  I am putting together a sample as making a memory album is one of the craft projects we will do with the kids this summer, we’ll have a competition for the most imaginative.  This one will be a creepy house (I’m sensing a theme…) and is (hopefully) just to get their creative juices flowing, they certainly wouldn’t be able to do the cutting out. I thought I’d actually try a bit harder with this one to make something nice but I was still incredibly pleased to come across this template on the Creating Keepsakes Blog. Intellectually I know it isn’t that hard to come up with my own House design but it is sooo much easier and quicker when someone else has done the hard work. It is nowhere near finished but hasn’t taken me long to get this far, will finish it tonight I should think.

Anyhoo that’s it from me. More creepy things to come – and completed Mr Wolfie is in the post below if you want to see how he turned out.

And the WOYWW thing? If you don’t know by now  - shame. Pop on over here to find out more.

Happy WOYWW!!


famfa said...

I had trouble with the number too as julia didn't put it on her post either. I think it's 216 because I checked another blog. Lovely desk with spooky houses
Thanks for visiting
Fanfare #30

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else is working on more seasonal stuff at the wrong time of year!! Sounds like a fun project at the library. Yeah, it's an advent set die, should be fun to play with though.

Brenda 28

Krisha said...

Hi Cindy, loving the creepy house. Checked out the wolf, (really not scary)I LOVE the painting that will be in the library, clever idea and I think the kids will love it!!
Krisha #22

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. I love Halloween and it really isn't that far off now! Ali x #68

Helen said...

Creepy House is looking good... and makes a change from people getting ahead for C... can't even type it!! Have a good week. Helen 7

Bridget Larsen said...

Looks like a crooked, leaning creepy house but getting along nicely
Bridget #24

Francesca said...

Too early for me for the seasonal stuff, I always seem to leave close to the wire. Love the houses. Francesca #34

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab creepy house. Can't beat being organised! Take care Zo xx 91

Julia Dunnit said...

Ok, I'm over it. And still here. Like the non-summery theme, better to grab their attention. And to hell with the intellectual..if someone else has done it, why re-invent!!

Karen Ives said...

your creepy house looks great.
Karen #77

Ria Gall said...

Hi Cindy
I am loving your creepy house I thought it was nearly Halloween and I didn't know it. I am sure all the kids will love having a go
Sending a hug for WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
Ria #44

Anne said...

Slow and sure, that's the best way for good crafting project! Have fun! Happy WOYWW! #87

ike said...

YaY !! I love creepy houses and Halloween :-) Bring it on.... !! :-D LoL


IKE in Greece xx #13

Lynda Norton said...

I put 215? not sure if thats right or not.
Love the creepy theme - looks fun to me.

Lynda #1

Fandhmum said...

Hi Cindy
Creepy house looks great so far
Rosie x

trisha too said...

Oooh, those little windows are fab, Cindy!

Happy WOYWW to you!

#63 this week

Neet said...

I love your creepy house. Looks fabulous!
Phew - a bit cooler today but still crafting outside is good. Lets not wish for rain, unless it is during the night.
Hugs, Neet 45 xx
ps thanks for visiting me

Danie May said...

Can't wait to see Creepy House in all its glory. Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

Shoshi said...

Happy belated WOYWW, Cindy! Nice to hear you're getting back to crafting after a short break - you think you are rusty (your next post - gorgeous cards btw) - I haven't done any for months as everything is packed up! Still, the time when I can get started again is fast approaching, if I can fit it in between all the unpacking that will need to be done after the move.

Thanks for your lovely comment - yes, tons is happening now, and it's very exciting to watch the progress. If you ever do redo your bathroom, I found some excellent online sites and our bath came from Fresh Bathrooms on Ebay, which is actually Bath Empire under another name but cheaper prices. It's definitely worth getting stuff online as you save a lot.

Shoshi #112

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