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Thursday, 10 April 2014

A bad day’s work..


Oh I was in a bad mood this evening. Even more c*** with regard to work getting me wound up – and I wasn’t even there today! Home on my own this evening I decided it was time to make some art and I thought I’d have a go at the March Tag from Tags of 2014. Read it through and went for it. Three tags, cos I had a feeling this might not go so well and following Tim as closely as poss because I am not in the mood to think for myself. I just need to be doing. First stamp and I’m already feeling I’m not going to like this technique. Hardly any smudge.


Second stamp with multiple inks – none of them stamped very well – I am being a bit lazy and trying to just ink up part of a collage stamp that was to hand.No smudge as such and the second impression is nearly invisible..


IMG_1145[1] Oh heavens, here is my improvised egg. I have to say, these look better in the photos than real life. I’m really going for it now, a real bull in a china shop.

Let’s just stick any old word on it, these are probably going in the bin anyway…and grunge it up a bit. Don’t have any distress pens never mind a spritzer so we’ll go for a bit of stencilling and colouring with water colour pens.


I could feel the anger coming off me in waves as I was doing these – maybe the Black Keys on  the Cd isn’t helping – time to change over to a bit of elbow….. and breathe………and laugh at yourself for being such a twit and getting all worked up..…….

I really wasn’t happy with my angry art so I made myself a smoothie and a cup of tea (sugar and fluids) and when I’d calmed down a bit I tried again. And I managed to get two ATCs out of the originals. The one on the right will be going in the draw in January. I’ll keep the other one. The one on the left may end up as part of a card. Not a proper smudge in sight but they are growing on me. Reminds me of a vintagey paper. Off to bed now.



chrissies said...

Sorry your day didn't go well Cindy.

You certainly made the best of your evening with these stunning tags.

Hope today is better for you :)

Love Chrissie x

Viv's Visuals said...

Just one word - FAB-U-LUSS!!!

Meggymay said...

Don't be hard on yourself, these look great. Hope you managed to get a good rest, sounds like you need a bit of TLC at the moment.
Yvonne xx

sally said...

They don't look that bad Cindy! At least you will be able to say you tried the technique and ave samples to assess where you feel you can make improvements :-) and those eggs look great!!! I'm hoping to get round to having a go this w/e not that I'm reunited with all my craft stash....but last months chalkboard & this months smudge are not really floating my boat!


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