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Friday, 30 May 2014

12 Tags of 2014 - MAY

mmmmmmm. Come on Cindy, this is basically a very simple technique. So why am I procrastinating and writing a post about it before I have even started? Having looked at Tim’s tag I know that this is essentially about creating a tiled layout – the problem is I don’t have the kinds of nick nacks in my stash that Tim does, so I really am going to have to concentrate on the tiles rather than re-creating Tim’s tag or possibly even Tim’s style.


Easy huh? Well, here is what an hour of rummaging got me on the desk. Frankly none of it is shouting Tim Holtz to me.

All I am hearing is a nagging voice in my head saying ‘it’s gonna take you an hour to put this lot back in the right place……..’




But we persevere. There is some vintage sewing potential here, perhaps seaside, even baby…. let’s choose some papers before we do the background.

A plethora of choices but nothing grabbing me particularly.

Picked a few bits out, a ‘Family’ theme, think we may have a plan here.

Below, tThe final tag, on the second background. The first was very pretty but the tiles didn’t ‘pop’. This is better but a bit boring. Particularly pleased with those foam hearts which I heat embossed very, very carefully with WOW powders. Not so sure about that funny little house button! So there you go, don’t look too close at those straight edges! If I’m not gardening, may have another go tomorrow (I do need to make two) but want to link this one up before the end of the month.



TAM said...

Loving what you've done here x

chrissies said...

Well you chose wonderful things for your tag which looks stunning

Love Chrissie x

Glennis said...

It looks fine to me - well done!

Renee Stien said...

Wow Cindy, this is gorgeous!

Katy Leitch said...

Super cute, love how you themed it so perfectly.

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