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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cardmaking 101 – Keep It Simple Stupid #1

I mentioned recently that I was getting some cards ready for my friend who comes over to make cards with me. I do of course know and appreciate that it is also an opportunity to spend some time together and it shows what a good friend she is that she makes the effort to get involved in something that interests me. Now, my friend likes the idea of making cards but finds many of the techniques tiresome (anything requiring an ink pad, cutting, matting, layering, trimming and sticking to name a few and let’s never ever mention glitter again…….).

IMG_1184[1]She was delighted with the prepared packs that I had made for her and went home from that session with three finished cards. I had decided to use this paperpack which I got free from the C&C stall at last year’s NEC Hobbycraft show.

The papers are bright and pretty but a bit flimsy so there is a limit to what you can do with them. Someone else didn’t want theirs so I ended up with two (one for each of us). Because we have lots of each paper it is easy to do more than one card (roughly) the same. So as that was such a success I thought I’d continue and post what we get up  to. The papers are quite bright – be prepared for some stuff that isn’t my normal style – and I am trying (really trying) to keep it simple. Do let me know what you think, and if anyone else picked up one last year I’d love to know what you did with it.

Just to re-cap here were the cards I prepped for that first session:


We got together again this week and these were the ideas I had come up with. There is a lot of PINK in this paper pack LOL.

IMG_1171[1] IMG_1173[1] IMG_1174[1]

You can take your sunglasses off now. – or maybe not, the sun is out, time to get in the garden methinks. However I do think maybe we’ll try blue and yellow for next time……..


Lunch Lady Jan said...

These are gorgeous! I would buy them, they are so much more to my taste than the overly complicated and embellished :-) xx

Lise Cooke said...

Hi Cindy so happy you found my blog, Yes that was me from Ally Pally with my Pop up flower card lol. Finally found my friend and gave them the card. I'm loving your blog, Those colours are fabulous and funky. Love what you and your friend made, STUNNING. If you're on facebook let me know. Take care Love Lise xxxx

Krisha said...

Oh yes, they are bright.....but I LIKE them very much.

I find myself wanting to do more CAS cards, even for DT projects.. I think I have become wary of so much piled on a card, that and mailing them is impossible.

Looking forward to the yellow and blue scheme.

chrissies said...

Wonderful cards and a great way to use the papers.

Love Chrissie x

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