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Monday, 25 August 2014

BLOG HOP ALERT!! The Creative Blog Hop

I have been asked by Elizabeth from the silver scrapper’s craft space  to participate in the Creative Blog Hop. The hop includes all sorts of creative bloggers and takes place on Mondays. Elizabeth is a long time crafter, scrapper and family historian who has successfully tried out many different techniques and media and we have ‘known’ each other a while now.

But basically this post is ALL ABOUT ME. Oh and I’m going to send you on a little journey to visit some other truly awesome peeps at the end. (That’s probably going to be the best bit).

I gave Elizabeth a bio, so if you haven’t come from there you might want to pop back there and read it. If you have clicked through then you’ll have skimmed it already so I won’t bore you with it again.

NEXT I’ve been asked to answer a few questions (truly I’m not sure I understand all of them) – I’ll try not to be too longwinded!……and I’ll put some pictures in because they do say a picture paints a 1,000 words (and I know you’ll never read a thousand words)

1. What am I working on now?

What, right this minute? Here you go.


Any or all of the above. No idea what the result will be though.Phew that was easy.

(Actually right this minute I’m off to craft with my mum and will probably take some decoupage to cut out as it’s mindless and portable but that’s not a very exciting picture).

2.How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Genre? Me? Well mainly cards, MM and papercrafting and honestly I don’t think I’m different to anyone else – but I do like to try different things. Sometimes they work. (Sometimes they are just OK).

IMG_8222 IMG_0508 Deirdre

3. Why do I create what I do? IMG_0577

- It’s an itch that needs to be scratched.

- It keeps me sane, balanced and fulfilled.

- It keeps me curious. And my mind and hands occupied.

- I like to glue stuff together.

(And there is so much stash in this room I can’t stop now!!)


Flame Haired girl  IMG_7482 Heidi's 50th

4.How does my creative process work?

(Mmmmm. You mean there is a process? No one told me!!)

OK. Seriously, lots of ways, all of them instinctive rather than rational. I have always said I have good technical abilities - I can copy a ‘thing’, make a ‘thing’, do a ‘style’ but I’m not so sure I have one of my own or that I have a really good imagination. I don’t think I could create a new ‘look’. I look a lot at real artists (ie everyone else) and watch endless demos trying to work out what it is I like about a piece. If I can do something similar I am happy and I love it if I feel I have created something worth looking at, touching, or giving to someone special. 

-  I like techniques. If some effect gets my interest piqued, I want to work out how to do it, whether it’s how to make a flat swirly rose (epic fail), using the melt pot to make waxed flowers (almost another epic fail) or doing a successful image transfer the hard way. (Epic!!)

-  Sometimes I just like messing about with paint and ink and seeing what happens.

house tags 2 snailboy Goddess4

Now the final part of this blog hop is to ‘tag’ three other creative bloggers. I have been woefully unsuccessful in finding anyone with time to commit to this but I didn’t want to let down my tagger Elizabeth by withdrawing. So I have had a trawl back through the blog hop (really worth doing!) and I am going to re-link three peeps who have already taken part – I can’t keep the thing moving exponentially but I can keep it in a loop and hopefully encourage some more visitors to their blogs. Here are my 3 suggestions, but really it was very hard to choose.

- Julie Harrison of little woollie – as the name suggests a yarn enthusiast.I  have linked to her creative Blog hop post back in June but please don’t stop there! I know you will love it if you take time to have a look around.

- Julie Kirk of notes on paper a talented, funny, sassy young lady who says she does her best crafting when “I'm happy, comfortable, awake ... and wearing something with an elasticated waistband.” Truly a girl after my own heart.

- Deena of A Creative Need a creative card maker and digital artist and designer with a fresh unique style.

Thanks for staying with me through this, it’s a bit of a marathon!  I’d love it if you would leave a message to say ‘hi’. Every month I run a giveaway and inflict some of my old tat on an unsuspecting victim. This month it’s a box thing. So as an incentive I’ll add anyone who leaves a comment here to the draw to win it.

(Whether they want me to or not. That’ll show up who reads to the end).

That’s all folks.


Elizabeth said...

A big thank you, Cindy, for participating in the blog hop ... I know you are uber busy so it was great that you found the time :) And it is a thoroughly enjoyable read. As someone who has been the recipient of your so-called 'tat' I can highly recommend it ... it's the kind of tat that looks fabulous hanging up :) Enjoy your time with your mum. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Helen said...

I have read right to the end, with a smile on my face, what a laugh your post was! hope you have a great time mindlessly cutting and sticking - it's such a horrid wet day outside!

Claire Newcombe said...

Hi There Cindy, thanks for giving me the opportunity to pop over to your blog and meet you - I really enjoyed reading your post. I think your thoughts reflect many of us, we all have a crafty itch to scratch and are inspired by the many innovative creative artists out there.

In answer to your request here is the link to the person who invited me to join this creative blog hop

Best wishes, Claire x

Glennis said...

I read right to the end too as well as the previous link. Love your attitude to creating!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Cindy - I *did* read through to the end and one of my favourite bits was where you described me as a 'young lady'! I've been told I look younger than I really am ... but I won't deny that your compliment is a nice way to start the week! [Nicer still to know that you had a laugh at my post, that's the *best* compliment!] Thank you! ;-)

I truly feel your pain over struggling to find willing and able tagees. I had a couple of 'sorry, too busy's and one 'no reply whatsoever' and I think your idea to re-tag someone else is a genius way around it! What a simple way to keep the readership flowing/hopping.

No need to enter me into your giveaway, I'm just happy to have had you link up to my hop post. I'll share your post on my Facebook page now.

Thanks again Cindy. Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy! What fun I had reading through this post! You have such a wonderful sense of humor and your art is fun and full of interesting details!. Thanks for sharing with us and linking to my blog as well! Hugs, Deena

Cazzy said...

You are funny - but I like you!

I am trying to get rid of some of my own "old tat" with a candy giveway and mega craft room sale, but I seem to collect more as I go along!

Cazzy x

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