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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Time to hang up the brayer?

I had to make a sympathy card today and thought I would make one of those wistful brayered scenes as somehow too much fancy stuff seems a little inappropriate to me. However, since my last brush with the brayer I haven’t got any better at it. It looks simple enough when I watch a demo but I seem to get sludge and ink everywhere. Sigh. Oh well, I suppose you can’t be good at everything (GRIN).

Still I hate waste and managed to get one card and two notelets out of the least disastrous attempts. I know they are a bit samey but that birdy silhouette stamp works really well I think (and hides a multitude of sins).


Hope you are having a good Saturday, bit blah here weatherwise and teen tantrums his morning have got me in a bit of a blah mood myself. Going to try out my stamping gear next, that might cheer me up (or demonstrate even more technical inability – well we’ll soon find out!!)

Have a good day!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cindy, I do think you are rather hard on yourself, but then we are our own harshest critics :) Brayering is a technique that I have not mastered either ... yet! Your brayered settings looks lovely to me and I think the silhouette stamp with the birds is a fab choice for your cards. Elizabeth xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Like you I struggle with a brayer, but I think you are definitely being too hard on yourself! I think these look fab!

chrissies said...

I think these look terrific and are special because you made them yourself

Love Chrissie x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

wonderful scenery on this brilliant cards!

Joan said...

I think these look great, particularly like the colours on the centre one

Annette Reed said...

I think these look great! I love the scene that you created. BTW: I received the plaque. It is really cute and is hanging on my refrigerator. Thanks a bunch!

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