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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday – # 279

Morning deskers!!Here’s how to find out about WOYWW and here’s my desk:


There’s a little bit of Christmas about and I’ve also had my my Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells papers out – love this set, think it might time for another little project with them. Have been using a Gorjuss stamp, but that’s secret squirrel till next Tuesday. Other than that just a big mess!! If you liked the flower pot pops last week one is up for grabs – click the link top right.

Have to sort out some work emails this morning, contact the tax office, finish painting the porch, get nails done and then this avo I will be hunkering down in here for the afternoon and evening as hubby out and bestie coming over after tea for a craft sesh. If it doesn’t get any warmer I shall have to plug in my little electric radiator to take the chill off.

Brrrr! Have a great day wherever you are!


Neet said...

Se put the CH on this morning. Brr - a definite chill in the air.
Now what are you doing with NOEL?
Hugs, Neet (waiting until next Tuesday??) 29 xx said...

Can I just say, I love your space! So much wonderful flat surface to work on! It's time for me to start Christmas as well. Happy WOYWW!
Glenda #44

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Fun desk!! Hey, that's a great looking bag on the right side ;-) I hope it's giving you good service! Have fun at your crafting tonight :-)
Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

Peg Robinson said...

Wow,you are one busy lady. I am tired just reading your to do list. I need to start on Christmas. I have been lazy, and playing when I should be more organized. Happy WOYWW Peg R #44

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Cindy- bit of Christmas going on over here too. I will be trailing glitter for weeks, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36 xx

Anonymous said...

I like that workspace!!! Haven´t done a bit for Christmas and will be late as every year.
Thank you for visiting! Cindy you must try tea bags, it is so much fun!
Gabriele 24

Krisha said...

Wonderful space. Love the little flower pot pots. Made me think of the old wooden spools I have. Went to search for them, last week and ended up cleaning out the sewing machine cabinet...LOL But I did find them, after an hour or so.

Bits of Christmas stash is slowly starting to wonder onto Betsy too.

Have a great week.
Krisha #61

Nikki C said...

Look at all that's going on and are those paper trees in the right side of your space I like how you've made them must find a tut for them somewhere :)
Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 9

Kate said...

Great, busy desk. The quilted bag on the right looks very nice.

Kate #68

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super desk pics with lots to see, got to love G45 no matter the theme they are just right. Take care Zo xx 57

Chrysalis said...

I hope by the time you read this, you had a great crafty time with your pal. So good to get together with others to work and play. I love your busy work space. Enjoy! Chris # 23

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Cindy
Ha ha I had to laugh at your
N O E L sign..... I sell the decopatch letters at work, we have a running joke about the lack of Ls...... No els...get it. well you have to amuse yourself sometimes at work ...don't you.
I hope you enjoyed your craft session and your nails stood the test of time
janet #15

Lisca Meijer said...

I like you busy desk. How did the craft session with your bestie go? Did you have fun?
Thanks for letting me peep over your shoulder.
Have a good week.

okienurse said...

awesome desk Cindy! Wish I could ship some of this hot weather your way and we could mix them up and come up with a moderate alternative. 92f today(30+/-) is warm for the 8 Oct. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by and sharing. Vickie #25

Angela Radford said...

Hi Cindy, lots going on this week, you look really busy, guess it's that time of the year Lol!
Thanks for the visit and hope you have a lovely crafty week, Angela x 39

Shoshi said...

Hope you enjoyed your craft session this evening, Cindy - nothing like it when hubby is out and you can have a good get together with a pal! Your desk is looking great but I couldn't spot the DI shelves. I think a carousel would work better for me, as long as I can find somewhere for it.

Thanks for your lovely comment. Admin/office work is horrible isn't it. It's awful because my office is an offshoot of my ARTHaven and if I turn round I can see through the doorway to my little bit of heaven on earth and it's all I can do to glue myself to the chair and do what has to be done!! I had a blitz on my filing today and found the card my hubby gave me for my 60th birthday in May 2013. Shows how often I tackle the filing, doesn't it. No wonder I can never find anything.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #32

VonnyK said...

Ahh the memories, I had a wonderful messy desk like that just last week. I miss my mess already :) You sure have a lot to do today, hope you have a great time with your bestie. Fingers crossed your weather is a little warmer too.
Have a great week,
Von #19

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on your badge :) I found mine in an unexpected place, so you never know.... And the in-laws are feeling the chill for sure. They were most recently in Florida in the USA and off to Barcelona from here so it's affecting them more than it is us. Loving the chaotic desk - mine's far too tidy for any serious creativity. Soon, I keep telling myself, SOON....


Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (4)


Hi Cindy
sorry I am late getting around for WOYWW. Yesterday was just one of "those" days and today not that much better!. Anyway thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a comment about my abstract painting. OMG I love your big creating area and busy desk LOL. OMG OMG look at all the cards you made....amazeballs LOL. I really like the dress stamp on the cards above here :o)
Annette In Oz #30

Whimcees said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comment! I do love G45 paper collections - look forward to see what you do with the Steampunk papers. I have the collection but have not decided what to make with them. Your workdesk looks very interesting! :<)

Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Helen said...

Interesting desk, lovely things to rummage through... Had a great time out - not had ANY time to craft this week, lol! Helen 3

Fran said...

Busy busy workdesk = a creative person.

Anonymous said...

That's a scary table for me! One push to the side too many, and crash, it's all on the floor! It's wonderful though and you do get an amazing amount done. I put up a post today about the sock blockers, explaining them and showing how they help if you're interested! Have a great weekend.

Brenda 48

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