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Monday, 15 February 2016

Waxing Lyrical…..(and waning rapidly…)

Yes, I am going to witter on a bit today. First, thank you for your lovely comments in response to my  rather throwaway post about stopping blogging yesterday – see, you have inspired me!! IMG_1980_thumb14

I had a lovely day Sunday, pottering about at home and spent quite a while in my craft room. Last night, quite late cos I’m a bit of a night owl, waiting for the kettle to boil to fill my hot water bottle (I do like to be snug in bed), my eye fell on a few pieces of paperwork that hadn’t been dealt with and which, it occurred to me, were now in dire need of attention. So I thought I’d write myself a note as a timely reminder. By the time the water was hot, I had written myself this missive. (I particularly like the way it started out all orderly. The additions over to the right indicate varying degrees of urgency along the lines of doesn’t have to be done tomorrow but how come I keep forgetting to do them mustn’t let another week slip by). By the time I got to bed I had thought of at least another 4 things that should be on the list. Heaven help me, how depressing is it to wake up to such a lot of things to get done. (How did I ever find time to work?)


So there goes my plan for another day of pottering. Or maybe not. I can already cross one thing off my list as I added the photos to this little squash book I made last night first thing this morning. I had to do it quickly because I have been asked to run a scrapping make and take and the deadline for advertising is tomorrow. Thought this might be a relatively easy project. If anyone is even remotely interested.

(If you cut it, they will come).

But I am now ready to go so I have done my bit and the delivery is much less fraught than thinking what to do.  Feeling pretty chuffed and fired up – quite a good way to start my Monday I feel.




Right off to have a cuppa, breakfast, shower and get dressed.

What? Yes, I am at the pc in my PJs. It’s only 9.30 for goodness sake, how much do you expect me to get done in a day?

(Addendum: Well actually it’s 10.45 now. Decided today was the day to sort out why Livewriter wasn’t working. Took me an hour that would probably have  been more usefully aimed at sorting out some of the paperwork on that list and now I’m not sure the new version is as easy to use as the old one. Still, I’m up and running, but still in PJs!!)


Krisha said...

LOL! Oh Cindy, if you only knew............I sit here every morning in my pjs, making mental lists that some how evaporate before my coffee cup is empty! I even went as far as getting a planner (word used loosely here) made, the DH was off work for nearly two months.......that blew that! Our priorities are NOT the same and it is hard to get anything done with him home 24/7......LOL BUT he is back to trucking, a little more steady, and I need to get my planner sheet back in front of me, get my lists made and get back to following them.......this also includes working on MY blog more than once a week. I have also thought about closing it down from time to time.

So you GO GIRLFRIEND! I'm using YOU as my inspiration.....*grin*

Helen said...

sitting here at 6.30 in the evening giggling at this - hope you got some more of the list done.. not in my pjs (they're not warm enough) but am in a snuggly fleece sweatshirt that I always wear as soon as I get home from work....
glad we've inspired you (bullied?? hopefully not ) to keep blogging... xx

Meggymay said...

I have just caught up on your posts. Its great to see you blogging again. Keep going, being retired is just the beginning of a new adventure.
Yvonne xx

SusanLotus said...

Hi Cindy!

I´ma a list-person too. I make lists for everything, but to be honest I feel just like you... "How did I ever get time for work?". It´s almost impossible to believe that I once was an effective administrator!
I´m retired too because of health reasons but I don´t get anything done nowadays...

From another night-owl :)

chrissie said...

You are so funny. Vic makes lists and often loses them before he gets through the things on the lists. I doodle a lot and if I made lists the words would be hidden.

Have fun

Love Chrissie xx

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