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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

And now for something completely different....

Just finished some Zetti postcards for a swap. I really like this style, although some of it is a bit too ugly, I prefer quirky. I found this quite hard to actually sit down and do although I have been looking at images for a few months now, fighting with my son over the good bits from magazines (he's doing a surrealism project for school - OH thinks we are all slightly potty as daughter's current art project involves eating lots of kit kats and chewing gum and sticking the cut up wrappers in to her art folder . I think it's best not to ask.) . I don't have any of the bits and stamps you can buy (I'm not actually sure how I feel about them anyway, I was quite upset to realise people hadn't actually made some of the cool images you see themselves as they were stamps, but that's just my gut feeling. Let's just say I wasn't quite as impressed with some of the artwork I'd seen when I realised that. Doh, probably obvious to everyone but me) so mine is all bits out of magazines and what I can draw/doodle myself. Which is where the problem starts because I'm not a natural artist and I'm not a very 'abstract' one either for want of a better word. I have been trying to 'free' up my work with some different collage lately but the Zetti stuff is that and then some. So I have a way to go to find the style within this style that suits me but it is fun. I've got an old board book I've been preparing to alter which I might try to 'Zettify' and journal if I feel confident enough. Anyhow, this is what I've done so far!!



your Zetti's are amazing Cindy. absolutely love them

Jinny say's said...

Well I think you did a great job Cindy-I really struggle with these!

Jan said...

Yes - the true test comes if you can make them out of 'nothing' - which you have done. They're great.
Jan xx

Artyfax said...

Lovely images Cindy, I have STILL got mine to do

joey said...

these zettis are amongst the best i have seen! i really like

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