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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Battling with FP

Only objective to todays crafting was to finish the slide mailer I need to post on Friday, Make some ATCs for a chain swap and get to the PO. Well I've nearly done the mailer, just drying off, but didn't get to the PO. I did make a few ATCs today but got involved playing with FP and embossing powders. I still haven't mastered the FP, cant decide if I'm heating it too much or trying to work it when too hot/cold. Somehow I ended up with this threesome which is good in parts but some of it nearly descended in to black blobbiness at one point. Of the other ATCs there may be a couple that are worth trading but I'm not sure about sending them for the chain swap. So I didn't quite meet my objectives, but no change there.

Not feeling very focussed at the moment on the crafting front or indeed anything else - too much going on in real life and although I can lose myself for hours I don't really have the time at the moment. It's quite demoralising to see how much other people seem to get done, I guess I must just be a slow crafter. And it's half term!! Love them dearly but they make so much noise, mess and washing up!! On top of everything else the joints of my right hand are hurting - is this the onset of arthritis? Doesn't bode well for any of my jobs or hobbies!!


Jinny say's said...

Awwwww Cindy.....I have to say arthritis runs through mu family and I dont want to think about my hands getting it!
Love the atc slide mailer and odnt worry about taking time for chain swap. we are all laid back-ohhh talkin gof which I still owe you an Atc..omg-OLD AGE!!!!
Had my half term last week-har har har lol
Right things to do, kids to wake up,housework to....well we won't talk about that today.
Take care and CHILL XX

Jinny say's said...

Forgot to say I have FP too and find myself asking the same questions as you!!! lol

My name is CINDY...... said...

Hi Jinny, scary isn't it? Rheum.Arthritis runs in my family - my gran was nearly crippled with it. My mum isn't too bad but my sister who is younger than me already has some significant problems.

Jan said...

Aw Cindy - don't get stressed. Fine for me to say because I'm always getting stressed out because I have ME - wont listen to my own good advice that's the trouble! Hope your hand is not heading towards arthritis. My daughter, who is 46, has had it quite badly since she was 15 so I know how debilitating it can be. Be positive. We all lose motivation from time to time but suddenly it will come back again and certainly don't feel that you have to rush through things - we are all friends - that's the whole idea - no competition!
Take care
Jan x

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