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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon....

Made OH do a bit of work around the house and replace the wallpaper at the top of the stairs - been missing since the shower leaked two years ago!! Have got fed up of comments from the milkman. (lol) But this afternoon had a nice quiet craft, finishing off a few bits I started yesterday and getting some stuff ready for tomorrow, as I have my mum and sister coming round for the day for a craftathon, probably the last one I will fit in for a while. I have decided I am going to concentrate on making cards tomorrow as my selection is getting a bit depleted and I have a few special birthdays coming up. So have done lots of stamping and am going to go and get all the bits ready in a minute so I can sit and just stick things together whilst we chat rather than run around looking for a bit of ribbon or something which is what I normally do.

Here are a couple of the ATCs I finished today. When I was working on them I started thinking about how I craft and decided that I am essentially a very lazy crafter. Once I have got a certain amount of stuff out, I really hate getting any more out and tend to finish whatever I'm working on with whatever is to hand, including all the little bits I've cut off other things. Makes for some debatable collage elements I can tell you!! It also reminded me that one of the things I can't stand is pretentiousness - the idea that every piece of art is a meaningful journey from an original thought to an artistic expression of that emotion. It's a bit like the rubbish you read attached to the handouts about gardens at the big flower shows, load of nonsense. Sorry if that offends anyone but I have never understood the need to analyse everything in a metaphysical/ emotional/or whatever way - OK if that's how you work fine, but for me the though process goes more like ........ 'I wonder what will happen if I stick this to this? Oops, never mind, I'll stick something else on top and no one will ever know........'

I've never understood why you need to deconstruct poetry or literature either. Either the words go well together or they don't. I don't really care what the poet had gone through to get to this point, what imagery he was using, whether his choice of vocabulary will reinforce his message, whether his description of an everyday event is really a nod to a wider more universal truth .............. oh well, just a philistine, that's me I guess.


PBird said...

Lol, i agree about your crafting methods :) Im the same.

Your talking about that ebay card arent you .... "I made this watching love movies crying ...blah blah" He he.

Love your new things x

Jinny say's said...

I love reading your ramblings Cindy- very funny-hehehe
Whats this I miss? ebay card?? Just being nosey-hehehe

Artyfax said...

I guess I kinda agree with you. All this critical claptrap is so in-bred, wether its visual art or otherwise. I think that the emotions/message that an artwork can convey are the same however it was arrived at.

Also I never throw anything away and a lot of the cut-offs/etc can find their way onto/into my pieces.

Lyndi - Little Girl Blue said...

I totally agree with you Cindy. I was always fighting with English teachers at school. I mean how do they know what someone was thinking when they wrote a poem and he died 100 odd years ago! Funny, teachers could never answer that one lol.

I think art happens by accident, just the way it should be.

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