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Thursday, 8 May 2008

A long awaited mailer...

Have finally finished a slide mailer for my cyber friend Jackie - she has been most patient as the challenge was set ages ago with a theme of nature. The finished mailer ended up quite dark and sludgy which wasn't quite what I was trying to do when I started. I was determined to make the 'footprints' with an image transfer and after several unsuccessful attempts I managed it - but afterwards wished I had printed them out in brown rather than black as I think it would have looked more natural but we live and learn.


Mooneybeams said...

I really love this - will have to give slide mailers a try myself, one day! It's not dark and sludgy at all xx

Jackie said...

I really love this too, and it's all mine. I don't think it's dark and sludgy and I think the footprints are just perfect. It's sat on top of my computer so I can see it every day.
Jack xx

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