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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Resist embossing

Have really got hooked on this technique. All these ATCs have a resist emboss background and I think it is most effective. Made most of the backgrounds yesterday and spent this evening putting the ATCs together. They are all a bit sludgy but I like it - can't always be bright adn breezy!


Sian said...

These are all great, and I don't thin they look sludgy at all! Resist embossing is on my list of "Things I Need to Try".

PBird said...

These look great. I need tips i cant get this right either. That and the gesso! I think i may be losing my touch, going back to my pencils i think lol xx

Mooneybeams said...

These are looking great - I love the one with the mesh on! If you'd like to swap let me know!

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