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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Rain, Rain go away.

Well they say that into each life a little rain must fall but I'm sorry I've had enough of it!! Got soaked on Sunday and Monday, and the rain was so heavy and thundery last night I couldn't sleep. I was already feeling a little bit antsy due to problems on a garden site that I can't resolve (they are kind of out of my hands but doesn't stop me worrying), then I went to finish an ATC off last night and completely ruined it so was feeling pretty fed up. In the middle of the night gave up trying to sleep and came down and got the urge to finish this mailer which I started ages ago. It's not a very complicated one (you can only do so much heat embossing at 4 in the morning) but getting it done made me feel a bit better. Not a total waste of a day. I'm conscious I've been neglecting my blog a bit and it's nice to get messages from people so please please don't stop!! Sometimes I don't really get the chance to speak to many people in the day who aren't after something or bending my ear about rubbish - it's a relief to come on here late at night and see some cheery comments even if I don't feel like posting.


Jinny said...

Well I think it looks lovely Cindy and I am sure you are proberly too critical of yourself- We had rain today but no thunder yet- they say it will clear up,hope so got more and my gardening to do!!!!!!!!

Have a good day tomorrow-what ever you are up too
chin chin ole bean xx

PBird said...

This is lovely, time well spent i think. I think what you should do is jump on a train and come and visit for a day to rest yourself. You sound over worked!! Take care and speak soon xxxxxxxxxx

Mooneybeams said...

Here's a cheery comment - the slide mailer is beautiful! Really love the colours

Viv's Visuals said...

A beautiful slide mailer Cindy.

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