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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Nice save.....

You may remember a few days ago I posted an ATC that I didn't like - well finally finished altering it to something I'm halfway happy with although this time it is VERY GREEN lol - do let me know if you think its an improvement! Have been playing again with my image transfers, and the angel one was originally a complete disaster. The transfer didn't come out too well, I inked it a bit too heavily trying to give it some colour and in a final effort to make it look like an interesting background I sprayed gold webbing over it - didn't help a bit, went in all the wrong places -think I need a bit more practice with this product. So, I took another copy of the 'angel' image (thank goodness for digital collage)and put a small section on a raised tile(of course, as this wasn't a transferred image she is actually looking the other way but it all fitted together nicely so I don't think you would have noticed if I hadn't told you). I then added a bit of lettering and a gold krylon border. Voila!! Saved from the bin and now both of these are up for trade.

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