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Thursday, 10 July 2008

100 days and counting.......

Just finished my 100th Daily Art Card and I'm still doing most of them as ATCs with the odd quick bit of drawing or sketching thrown in. Not really sure how I am going to manage when my 2 week hols come around but still.

This one is called Pink Dream, and is the result of my playing with tape transfers. These are really easy to do, but the tape does leave a shiny surface to the image which doesn't please everyone. Because I usually go over my collage ATCs with dilute PVA the whole thing becomes 'glossy' so it is not so obvious. That is what I have done to this one and I think the effect is fine.

However, I have also tried out a couple of suggestions for removing the shine that were put forward on Wendy's blog. Sian suggested rubbing down with fine sandpaper or an emery board. This didn't seem to work too well, but my sandpaper wasn't that fine. I also rubbed a bit of gesso over the image and then rubbed off to try and distress. Think I might have gone too far with this one.

Ange's suggestion was to add a layer of matt gel medium to take down the shine - this seems to be working very well. I used a dry brush and added the gel very sparingly. It has really taken off the gloss from the transfer tape and looks much better. Thumbs up Ange!!


Jan said...

This really is lovely Cindy - I love the colour and the composition. What determination to do a 'card a day' - Well done girl!

Dawnie said...

Well what a lovely morning Ive had, sat with a milo looking at all your yummy art.What a treat !
Love how you are always trying something new. Seems we are technique junkies, HA!

Love the romantic feel in your work and thankyou for leaving a lovely comment for me.Much appreciated.Have a grand day.

Dawnie T

Viv's Visuals said...

A beautiful piece of work Cindy. Really 'dreamy' effect.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, how very gorgeous. The transfer technique gives such depth and your choice of a pink palette is divine!

PBird said...

Its gorgeous, and works really well! Not only that now i have all the good info to try out :) Thank you xx


LOVING the pink Cindy, and will definitely have to try this technique now.\

WendyK said...

Fabulous effect Cindy, love this one

Mooneybeams said...

This is beautiful! Is it still available? I have a metal ATC that I would love to swap with you for?

Artyfax said...


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