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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The kindness of strangers

Oh what a lucky bunny I am. I received this art doll today from Belinda in Tasmania and 'won' it in a draw made on her blog. It is really, really exquisite, I feel very privileged to have been included in her competition and to win!! Again and again I am amazed at the generosity that can be found among this art blog community - not only to give away beautifully crafted artwork but to foot the bill for posting it around the world, expecting nothing in return. Crafters really are very nice people.

Belinda has a very interesting blog. Check it out!!


BELINDA said...

Hi Cindy, so glad she finally arrived to you. Thank you for your kind words. you are so right about crafters being nice people, I haven't come across any not so nice ones yet :) Belinda

Heather Robinson said...

Wow, what a truly delightful piece. I totally agree about the kindness and generosity of artists. I have been on the receiving end in artwork and in words and I am grateful for belonging to such a sweet and supportive community.

Jan said...

Lovely blog cindy x

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