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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Do you want mail? - MAIL ART at SOYBS

The challenge at SOYBS this week was to create and post a piece of mail art (without an envelope). For the base I used a postcard that I had left over from another challenge last year but it is really flimsy, so I stuck two together, then reinforced it with a bit of card, and finally added another postcard on the base. Lol, don't know why I didn't just use some thick card to start off with but it didn't seem right to use something that didn't have 'postcard' written on it. What possible difference my brain thought that would make to the mailman is beyond me, but there you go.

I really wasn't sure what to do for this but really didn't want to do vintage. It's fairly simple, as personally I can't believe what state it might be in when it arrives but opting for this graphic type style reminds me the type of art work I was looking at a year ago and how I seem to have got stuck in a bit of a vintage rut (apologies to vintage fans out there!!).

Anyhow, the test of any mail art is the journey I guess, so I would like to send this piece as far away as possible - if you would like to get it leave a post to that effect (approx location NOT addy pse!!) before Friday evening 9.00 pm GMT and I will post it to the town/city furthest away from London. In the event of two people from the same town posting it will go to the one who replied first (or I might make two, who knows?). Some chance of that happening but you never know.


A Note From The Queen said...

very awesome! Love the attitude it has! I'm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA!! Thanks for playing this week!

Nicks said...

sadly Norwich isn't that far....

Sherry said...

I'm too close but just wanted to say how fab it looks!

Jinny Holt said...

How about outtamongolia lol

Devon......shucks just seen someone from USA :( that's me out lol

Rosie said...

I really like the 'bad girl' style of this mail art - it's so fun!! You rocked this challenge!

I should send it to the Queen (Lisa Gifford!!!)

~Babs said...

Hi, I'm new here, love your blog, and will be returning.
I'm in Oklahoma,USA.
How fun!

Mooneybeams said...

This is gorgeous Cindy! Unfortunately I'm just outside London and nowhere near far enough!

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