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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What's that Smellie?

Well I seem to have entered myself for a 'Smellie' swap, which I had completely forgotten about until one of my swap partners contacted me for a theme. A Smellie has got nothing to do with scents, noxious or otherwise, but is the brainchild of the wonderful Helen (Smellihelli) on the DC UK Forum. She has instigated a new shape of trading card based on a protractor shape (or a half circle) and called it after herself - hence a smellie.

The two smellies above are themed 'distressed' (L) and 'Anything goes' (R). At first I thought this was a strange idea but it's always interesting to spread one's wings beyond the traditional ATC format and I find I do quite like working with a slightly larger card. I realised when I'd finished I had orientated them differently but I don't think there are any hard and fast rules (!?!).

The vintage lady has three layers of papers gessoed and distressed but although I thought about transferring the main image she is so pretty I decided she would look best as clear as possible against the background so I just collaged her on top with gel medium. The little roses were a gift from Nayski (thanks hun) who recently sent me a gorgeous vintage card in a swap - I shamelessly copied her distressed ribbon idea and finished the whole thing off with some beads and a button.

The other one I have called 'Summer Dream'. On the background I tried a sort of resist emboss technique I'd seen on Mr Holtz' blog. It is very similar to the other technique I use, but the idea is to get the surface really flat so you can stamp over it again. Finished off with my favourite face motif on stampboard, coloured with inks which were then 'etched' off the eye area - great effect.

The third theme was Fairies and who can resist? Simply done by stamping over pretty papers to make the background and then collaging this little darling on the top, glitter, bling - done!!

Finally, for you texture freaks out there, this is an ATC I made using the last of the UTEE transfer tiles I made a couple of weeks ago. Can't think what to call it, but it has paper effects, leaves, wire, fabric and beads as well as the tile.

Yummy. Even if I do say so myself.


Trudy said...

now this i really really really love

Sherry said...

Every piece is stunning Cindy - but I particularly like your distressed smellie lady (!!) and your textured ATC. Fab.

Mooneybeams said...

And I concur! I love the UTEE tile thingummy - how on earth do you make that?

Belinda said...

Hi Cindy I am one of those texture freaks lol as I love the last one with the utee tile and fibers. Love all your work here too. I hope your foot is recovering well after your fall, you best stop the house work and just stick to the crafting ;) Belinda

Jan said...

These are a great idea? I love the one with the lady and the textured one.
I'm afraid I've photo-tagged you - sorry! It's nothing too painful lol - have a look on my blog!!

Jan said...

p.s. sorry, I didn't mean to put a question mark after my first sentence! It looks as though I was questioning as to whether they are a good idea or not!!

Viv's Visuals said...

Great smellies Cindy!

DF - Heidi said...

cindy you have created master pieces as you always do - great work

vintage wil said...

what a beautiful atc s!!!

nancy said...

Cindy, the smellis are really interesting. Yours re so beautiful. I'm a texture freak, so your atc I find thrilling!

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