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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

WARNING: Housework can damage your health

Excuse me for swearing but I knew it would get me in the end. I am writing to you from my sick bed (OK my craft room) as I tripped on the stairs at the weekend (Carrying loads of washing down stairs) and have sprained my right ankle and twisted my left knee. As my right knee is already a bit questionable it's left me a bit immobile for a couple of days but am starting to get about (just as well with all the care and attention you get in this household lol).

Anyhow, look on the bright side, plenty of time to craft this week. So here's a couple of things I've knocked up so far.

First of all the SOYBS challenge was to create some art with a word on it, so I hope this fits the bill as I wasn't feel that inspired this weekend. I have been looking at an interesting book lately called 'Paper Metal & Stitch' and used some of the bits I'd been making after reading to make this small card. I think I might make it in to a little hanger and maybe put some dangly bits on, I'm not sure yet.

Over at ACF we had another image to use this week (these weekly challenges come round so fast, I don't know how people who do loads of them keep up!!). I've used that 4 x 4 format again, this project looks like it's shaping up to be a vintage children collection which is fine, I like all the pages I've done so far it will be a nice project to make them into a little book when I've done 10 or so then I may do something different.

FINALLY the MAMMA challenge was to make a tryptych something I have never done before (well I suppose some of my ATCs have extra bits but I haven't actually set out to make a triptych). A triptych is ' a painting or work of art consisting of three panels' (q. Bernie Berlin - Artist Trading Card Workshop). Like Bernie, they make me think of shrines (?Russian artefacts?), gold etc etc. As you can see I have gone with the opening gothic arch shape which is quite a favourite of mine, opening up to show a little collage. Pleased with this one and found a use for some paper I stamped up a while ago.

So that's me all caught up with the weekly challenges for once but I am determined to get ahead this week and start on some other projects I want to do so don't forget to pop back. I must also finish the last two pages for the RR Journal - have been stumped on the last two but think I've finally got over my mental block - soooo, see you tomorrow, I'm off to elevate my ankle.


Willy said...

Wonderful pieces!

Mooneybeams said...

The tryptych is lovely - I love the way the central image spreads onto the panels at either side.

Sherry said...

See Cindy - you shouldn't be so enthusiastic with the housework and then you wouldn't have tripped!!

Seriously though, I hope your knee and ankle gets better quickly and at least you don't have to feel guilty about all the crafting eh?

Love your new pieces - as always.

Rosie said...

Oooh, I love that SOYB piece - I wanted to reach out and touch it, especially the bumpy bits! You've been so busy and creative - I like all your pieces. I hope your knee and ankle heal soon.

~Babs said...

Cindy,,,that top image with the texture is gorgeous!
I enlarged, so as not to miss a thing!
Here's to FAST healing of your hurts!

Femmy said...

these are all beautiful Cindy!!

Creative Chaos said...

So much wonderful pieces !!!
And yep... housework can be dangerous , that's why i don't do it :-))
Take care with your ancle !!
Patti xx

vintage wil said...

what a beautiful card !
thanks for this lovelyentry to ACF

Jan said...

So much to little time!! (and you with a back knee lol!) Well, you've done brilliantly and got through so much. Love the smelli's - what a great idea. I particularly like the one with the lady on. Love your triptych (have already commented on your Flickr site) and the ACF image - isn't she gorgeous!
Lovely work Cindy - hope your knee gets better soon

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