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Friday, 23 January 2009

New Year resolutions.......

Well, I really don't bother with them, but the beginning of a new year is always a good time to reflect and maybe make small changes.

Over at SOYBS the challenge last week was to create a collage representing hopes/achievements/whatever for 2009. Being naturally quite a happy bunny and also having very limited horizons I found it very hard to make a visual representation of what I hope for in 2009. The thing I ould most like to achieve is a bit more balance in my life and also a bit more involvement in the wider world. Obviously I go to work each week, but this last year I have shied away from too many external commitments and become quite reclusive with my family, my art and my p c taking up most of my time. Well, that's a recipe for a lonely old age so I need to make a bit more effort this year. Oh yes, and lose weight.... and exercise.....


A Note From The Queen said...

I think thats awesome! Part of the reason I did this challenge is because I too needed to reevaluate for 2009. I'm glad you played this week, the others don't know what they're missing! Personal reflection is a good thing!

Mooneybeams said...

This is a really good idea - turning your resolutions into art can bed it down nicely in your brain and then you can display it somewhere to make sure that it stays there!

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