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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Recycled artwork......

Do you ever look at old artwork and think..... well what was I thinking?
Last year I made this ATC as part of my Daily Art Challenge. The finished ATC was pretty awful (WHAT posessed me with those pink hearts?) and unsurprisingly no one has asked for a trade and it has sat in my folder reproachfully ever since.

However the main element of it was a fairly good image transfer, and there were some other redeeming features.... so I chopped it all up and made some new ones.

Here are a couple of others that have been 'recycled'.


Another lift from Craft Stamper Magazine, this time using the insides of kitchen rolls (or in my case toilet rolls lol)

This was sent as a gift for friend's birthday - I hope she won't be offended when she realises what it's made of!!

It has three pockets each with a tag insert, and I have written some amusing (I hope) birthday funnies on the back.


I am shortly off to Lanzarote for a week's break with a girlfriend - a whole week of no kids, no housework and someone else doing the cooking - so don't know if I shall post again before I go. What I have decided is not to rush to finish the June giveaway (I've been in the garden all week working on my tan the weather has been so glorious) and I will upload it after I get back from my holiday. This one is a little different, so don't forget to check back later his month. Ciao!!


Cheryl said...

these are fab love the designs great work love cheryl xx

Genie said...

Have a great holiday

Sherry said...

Love your recycled ATCs Cindy - beautiful colours.

Have a great time away - can't imagine what you'll both be getting up to - lol!

Dee said...

I was looking at that project too, love your version of it. Have a great holiday x

Lynn said...

Love the transformations Cindy, I have done that a few times too, recycled things I don't like anymore.
Great tag for your friend and have a wonderful trip. I just love my trinket box, just posted about it on my blog :)

Chris in Oz said...


Just discovred your wonderful blog. Your art is very inspiring, thanks for sharing with us all. I'll definitely be back for more. Ta.


nancy said...

What wonderful ideas you always share! The tube thingies are so cool. And I really like the recycled atcs. I need ot look through mine because I know I have some really awful ones that could be redeemed.

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