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Monday, 10 August 2009

Coaster Book for GAS MAMMA

Oh dear, just can't seem to get it together with my crafting just lately. There seem to be so many other distractions at the moment.

However, I have managed to make this little altered coaster book (beer mats actually) for the GAS challenge at MAMMA this month. Really couldn't seem to settle on a theme so isn't really any particular style or subject - I ended up just playing with stamps, image transfers and collage. Unfortuately I mis read the instructions which said it had to include some texture so the front got a little re-worked to incorporate that but the rest of it I am afraid is flat. .

They are a nice size to work at though and I have almost finished another project using coasters which is going to be this month's giveaway - so watch this space!


Jan said...

This is what you do SO well Cindy. Beautiful little book.

Agnes the Red said...

yep...I agree with Jan it's a lovely piece.

Mooneybeams said...

It's gorgeous! Who knew beer mats could make something so pretty?

Robin said...

Gorgeous book!

Dee said...

Beautiful book. x

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