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Friday, 24 August 2012

21 at last.

Boy am I tired. So will keep this short. Soooo busy at work, stupidly put my hand up for extra hours, am running two kids activities every week plus bounce and rhyme and story times......craft room full of half finished commissions....a million birthdays looming....BBQ Saturday...  holiday next weekend..........don't even mention the ironing.... ................
and my darling Chelsey was 21 yesterday.

 Here she is with her bessie mate when we out for dinner last night. Aren't they beautiful? She still looked this beautiful when she got in at 3 in the morning after celebrating a little harder than planned. (Was supposed to be a quiet night then a big blow out on Saturday). Not quite so good at 5am when she had to get up for work with just an hour's sleep but still pretty gorgeous. How do I know? Well I was there both times, which probably isn't helping with the general level of tiredness!!

But of course there was a card -

and another one I had to rustle up for her brother (who, by the way, is perfectly capable of making a pretty neat card himself) because men are absolutely hopeless even when tasked with one simple job - buy a card for your sister's 21st. Still at least he took the time to to write something suitably annoyingly younger brotherish inside.

Thannk goodness for those Octopode digis is all I can say!!

Finally, a quick reminder that you have three more days to join in with the giveaway which will be drawn on Sunday so that I have time to get it in the post before my hols as I am working most of next week. Not many entries, so  the chances of winning are pretty good......

Still got loads to do, including preparing for a crazy kids event tomorrow. Right, off to find out how to make a paper plane.....

Cindy x


Kate said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Chelsey looks stunning and I like both your cards. I have the stamp you used on the 1st one and already thought it would be just right for this age group.

** Kate **

Allthingsinky said...

Bothe cards are fab i love both the image's, your daughter looks stunning, Have a great weekend...

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