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Friday, 23 August 2013

Here AT LAST!! August Art Draw

I know there aren’t hordes of people waiting for me to upload my giveaway every month but I do hate to get behind schedule. But here it is, as promised, a handmade book/journal that you can record your innermost thoughts in, doodle or even just write the shopping list in. It’s up to you.
IMG_0814[1] For the actual bookmaking process I used the tutorial here because after reading a few this was the one where it clicked. The cover style is very much a CASE of a Craft Stamper project but of course I can’t find it now. If it pops up I’ll give it credit. It essentially involves embossing folders and embossing powder to give a nice textural finish. The fancy fibres belong to a little bookmark I made to go with it.(BTW, I’m beginning to wonder if I ever really read these magazines, I’ve just flicked through about 7 lying around my craft room and am staggered by the number of projects I don’t remember AT ALL).
If you’d like to receive my efforts (be kind,it’s the first one I’ve ever made) then all you have to do is leave a comment to that effect on this post and I’ll pop you in the draw. International players welcome, and please feel free to link from your own blogs (I’ll put you in the draw twice if you tell me you have done so).
Because this is so late, I am so busy and there will be some time in the next few weeks when I won’t be around, this will in fact be the August/September Art Draw. The closing date will be 9.00pm on Sunday 22nd September.
Thanks for looking!!


georgina said...

WOW Cindy, this is glorious,hope your well love and i WILL be in touch,luv Georgina x

Viv's Visuals said...

ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!! LOL.... This is fab Cindy! x

Christi Conley said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! May be just what I need to finally get over my fear of art journaling :)

chrissies said...

Wonderful book Cindy and it would be a treasure to own for sure.

Have a nice weekend

Love Chrissiex

Fandhmum said...

This is totally stunning, Cindy
Rosie x

Anonymous said...

This looks great - I had promised to make a book with pictures of the anniversary party from my parents, but I keep postponing it, as I haven't done it before. To have an example would be a great inspiration!
Great idea to give away a project!

Anonymous said...

ps: I added the picture of the August Art Draw to the sidebar of my blog.

SusanLotus said...

Beautiful book!


Princess Judy Palmer said...

This is gorgeous! I love the colors and all the fun texture!

maska said...

Beautiful book.

Dee said...

Me Please! this is gorgeous Cindy x

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