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Thursday, 1 August 2013

We have a winner!!!

The winner of the July ‘bunting’ is Sally who I don’t think has had the uncertain pleasure of receiving anything from me before!! I know you are in France at the moment having a wonderful time but I have left a message for you hun, no worries send me your addy when you get back.

And here’s the ‘fancy’ card I had to make yesterday. Not as fancy as I expected it to be as I decided I had to just get on and do it, the poor girl is leaving on Saturday and nobody has signed the card yet!!

Brief:-  designer handbags, fast cars and bling. I did it white (nice centura pearl card, no rubbish!) because someone told me white handbags are no longer ‘naff’. But what do I know?


I did make a nice box though (well, I put together a pre-cut one – so glad I discovered these they are so worth the money!!). So, that’s me up to date, not that that’ll last. Grin. Happy Crafting.

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Denise Fletcher said...

This is great Cindy, Id like to know if it opens up etc and where the message part is

chrissies said...

Congrats to Sally.

Love the handbag card it looks complicated though.

Have a good day

Chrissie xx

Meggymay said...

It looks fantastic, real classy.
Yvonne x

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