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Thursday, 19 June 2008

And the winner is............

SIAN, though I'm sure she could do a much better one herself. And it's pretty, mmm, Sian doesn't do pretty. Ho hum well she's lumbered now.

Well, have been beavering away today in between doing the washing etc and all the other boring stuff one has to do when one comes back from holiday. Have managed to get one ATC done in return for a swap that arrived while I was away, and made a start on my first of the round robin pages which is for Yvonne so should have some art to post very soon. Thought I was going to have a nice peaceful day to myself but Ryan stayed home from school and is currently practising his rock guitar.....loudly. Chelsey only had a short day and is sitting in the garden with some friends with the radio blaring playing games. Huh.

Here is a picture of the lovely PEACEFUL hotel where I was staying in Calla Llonga. I really wanted to get home yesterday but I'm already reminded of why I like to have my week away on my own!!


Sian said...

Yayyyy! Thank you! (Just because I don't do pretty doesn't mean I don't like pretty things, and, um, a few pretty things keep creeping onto my blog lately anyway, LOL!)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Jinny said...

Hello Cindy-glad you had a good week- might be me being thicko here -did you say you went away on your own!?????????? or did you mean no kids lol
Looking forward to catching up

Sherry said...

Congrats to Sian - and good to have you back Cindy - hope you had a nice holiday - piccie looks fab.


congratulations Sian
And boy Cindy what a beautiful view

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