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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tiresome but...

Just realised I have spent nearly 2 and a half hours answering a few messages, uploading a few photos, putting some things in envelopes.....all this art admin is almost like having a part time job lol!! I tend to think I should save things up and then do a batch at once but then everything takes so long I wonder if that's the best way round it. So tiresome... Amnyhow have just finished uploading all my DACs for the last week. Not sure what I'm going to do nextweek when I'm on holiday, think I feel a series of zentangles coming on cos then all I need to take with me is some card and a pen!! All my cards this week have just been playing with techniques, using up some bits and bobs I've had around and some new bits I've had in the post like the wing stamps. Really haven't felt very inspired and the garden calls...oh yeah and packing I suppose.


PBird said...

This is lovely, i like his peaceful face x

Jinny said...

Very nice Cindy

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