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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Torso ATCs

Saw these on the Scrapz blog. I'm not 100% sure if they can actually be called ATCs given that the size of an ATC is a rectangle which these aren't of course. However just a bit of 'armless fun (must stop making that joke it is really BAD), quite like moving away from the constraints of the straight lines as I tend to get a bit linear when working inside a regular framework. Anyhow this is the first batch, have a few more drying to post later. I would be up for swapping these they in my flickr trade album but would like a like for like swap. Oh and not sure where all this 'LOVE' stuff keeps coming from - I am the most unromantic person I know (well apart from my OH). I don't know, Sian has got a case of the pretties and I've got the love bug. Whatever next?


Sian said...

ROFL! I'm trying to shake off the pretties. I think it must be the reason why I've had a headache and sore throat for the last three days. Is there a template for these or do you just cut your own torso shape? (They're all brilliatn by the way.)

Sherry said...

I think they're great - really different. I think they could be called ATCs. I'd love to swap one with you (I've the same question as Sian though - do you just cut your own shape?)

My name is CINDY...... said...

I just took an ATC sized bit of paper as a template and played around with it till I was happy with it. If you look closely I doubt any of them are exactly the same size!!

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