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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Round Robin Swap

Have joined a round robin/journal swap and this is my attempt at the theme 'woman'. I have no idea why this ended up like this, and I'm not really sure I like it but the mojo has definitely been a bit thin on the ground this week.

The pages are 6 x 6 which is a size I had intended to move to for my daily art cards but given how long its taken me to do this I might have to reconsider that. Not sure I've got time to do anything else, will have to check the posting dates.


Jinny said...

Well I like it Cindy.
Not sure about doing the size as you say-ATC much quicker me thinks.

DF - Heidi said...

blimey O'Riely this page is awesome - totally love it and i get to see if for real first whop whop

Nicks said...

This ones going to be a challenge!! Off to panic!!

PS It's awesome BTW!

PBird said...

I love it! Love the colours and layout, whats not to like? You've just been looking at it too long :) Looking forward to seeing it in real life xxx

Sian said...

This is great. I'll look forward to seeing it for real.


absolutely stunning Cindy

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