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Saturday, 28 June 2008

More clay heads.....

Did so many of those clay heads I'm now on overload!! The blue mermaidy one is called 'Sea Spirit' had great fun playing with her hair but although my makins was a new pack it seemed a bit dry and was being most unco-operative. The background was a bit of stamping I had done previously which I put some extra bits on and then added some of the rather silly little fishy embellies. The bit of blue background is something I picked up in the pound shop designed to be used to stop things (ie ornaments) slipping around on your highly polished furniture. No use for that in my house so inked it and then sealed with clear EP as being plasticy it was going to take forever to dry. Was very careful with heat gun in case a) went up in smoke b) knocked me out with noxious fumes but seemed OK but I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to do anything dangerous lol but another interesting texture to work with.

For the second one, 'Happiness', I again used some card I had stamped up before with some extra stamping for the background, leaves and the clay head - I think she looks a bit like a 'cameo' head. I have been playing with sequin waste as a stencil, either to ink through or just to add versamark and clear embossing powder - it gives a nice texture. Still haven't got it perfect but am getting there. The text is a transfer - I've had some computer transfer paper for ages - quite chuffed I managed to reverse the text, print it out and basically make it work. Unfortunately it was the opaque sheet - quite frankly I think you might as well do it on a piece of paper because you can't see through it. However this was the 'practice one' to see if I could make it work. I have some clear sheets to try as well but I'll probably have forgotten how to do it by the time I decide to have another go. Seriously, I think I might use it to do some text for a Flickr ATC swap I've joined - the ATCs have to have text as the main feature and this might work quite well for one or two.


Sherry said...

Very pretty Cindy - especially the Mermaid one. Know exactly what you mean about being careful with the heat gun and fumes etc - been there, done that!!! (will probably be there again too - LOL)

Viv's Visuals said...

Oooh both of these..think the Mermaidy one is terriff!

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