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Monday, 14 April 2008

The 7/30/365 project - Daily Art Cards

Just wanted to say a word about this. In a rash of enthusiasm I have joined a Flickr group which is aiming to produce a daily art card for a year - well the ones that started in January have already got to a 100 so I won't ever catch up but I thought it wouldn't be a bad discipline to get into - a sort of daily 'artcercise'. I will try and upload my image here every day but of course time means that won't always happen - I haven't posted for a week and have had some propblems with my camera so you all know how that goes ... best intentions and all that but it doesn't hurt to try. I think for speed it will encourage me to do more doodling and quick art work - someone on the group described it as smash and grab stuff - I think it will be a good discipline to get into as I tend to over egg most things and spend ages thinking (or gazing into space lol). Sometimes you just have to do it...


Artyfax said...

great idea Cindy. I think I know how you feel. I would dearly love to do something like this but when I think of the committment, I keep chickening out.I guess its the thought that counts, when you inevitably begin to fall behind.

as you say, more doodles and such like could be the answer.


Jinny said...

Do you have to post them off? I mean like swap them as well? I could not do this lol-too much committment, as John says.
I admire you for giving it a go tho!

My name is CINDY...... said...

I just thought it was a nice idea and its quite a small group so we can keep up with each others work. Some people are actually keeping them so they will have a complete set of them at the end of the year, some are changing sizes each month or as the mood takes them - I just choose on of any ATCs I make a particular day, but if I don't have time to craft 'properly' I try to still just do one quick ATC card (look at quick quack, you can't get much quicker than that lol.) Don't know how long I'll last it's only been 3 weeks!!

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