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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Cold cold cold....

At a different library today, this is a good one but the gas is off to be fixed and it is COLD COLD COLD!!! Feel like I've been neglecting my blog this week but I've been very busy with all my other 'hats'. The good news is I seem to have found my mojo again for the garden design - I actually put something on the drawing board yesterday and will finish it later. Have had a real creative block in that area for weeks and weeks so it was a relief to start something. Have managed to do a few doodles to keep my DAC challenge up to date but have had no chance to upload anything for days so better keep this short as I expect peeps only really like to look at the pictures!! If I get everything done this afternoon have promised myself a quiet crafty evening in front of the tv and will try and put some new stuff up before I go to bed. However then I shall be off for a few days as we are going to a wedding in Doncaster. Don't know how I will cope!!

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