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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Just back from a couple of nights away and catching up with uploads for DACs for last week and emails etc. It takes so looong if you get behind with it all.

Wasn't a very inspired batch of cards last week as I was very busy but did manage to make a few collage styles ATCs using acrylic gel medium. I got this because I read it was the best for collage work but I'm not so sure I like the finished effect. Think I prefer my basic water and pva mix - dries rockhard with no brush marks. Will try again and may also try some image transfer with it as judging by how many images I didn't want transferred came off this week I can see how it might work very well lol!

I have also received some mica sheets - no idea what I'm going to do with this, have to say it doesn't look over inspiring at the moment. All suggestions gratefully received!!

Feeling quite tired so may just crash for the rest of the weekend, although a big pile of ironing is beckoning, and I don't mean the fun kind with wax.


Mooneybeams said...

I like this - I'm enjoying collage at the moment. I've ordered some mica too - still hasn't arrived but I'm planning to do a Bernie Berlin style mica sandwich. She splits down the mica sheets so they're quite thin, puts collage items and dried flowers etc between them and then holds them together with eyelets. Looks a really good effect. Try googling 'bernie berlin mica' and it brings up some ideas!

Viv's Visuals said...

Like this a lot! Mmmm.... Mica sounds interesting too. Hope you're now suitably 'chilled' and getting creative again...(forget the ironoing...creased clothes are the new fashion - well they are in my house anyway - LOL)

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