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Monday, 10 February 2014

A luvverly giveaway for February….

At least I hope you’ll think so.
I’m feeling incredibly ‘blocked’ creatively at the moment. I know it is because I am in limbo with loads of stuff at work (where will I be working? How many hours? who with?doing what exactly?) and a little bit anxious about my DD leaving home (as well as excited about the possibility of a larger craft room!!) and until both these things have actually happened and I know where I am I’m feeling kind of blahdeblah about everything. (A bit of sunshine wouldn’t hurt either).
So when I was alone yesterday instead of retreating to my craft room I popped the tellybox on to find the lovely Hels Sheridan demoing on C & C. At the end she made a simple one layer heart and I was inspired to go upstairs and play. So thanks Hels for the motivation to get out some inks and stamp!
As February is the month of LURVE (yeah right) I thought these might as well be the February Art Draw. Yeah, this month there will be 3 winners. The one above was the practice piece, which kinda turned  out OK so I mounted it on card. IMG_1029
Next the one I was trying to make – it kind of ended up very like Hels’ one (even though I used different colours!) so I added the pink.

And then there was a bit of the paper I ‘smooshed’ (and you know how good I am at that) left over so I found a smaller MDF heart and made a third.
IMG_1028 My hands are now rather inky and but is a small smile on my face.

If you want to be in the draw just leave a comment. If you tell me that you have linked from your own blog then I will put you in the draw twice. Closing Date: 9.00 pm on Tuesday 25th February – a quick turn around as I need to get them posted out before the end of the month for once.
That’s all folks!!


Glennis said...

Sounds like a perfect play day to me. Your hearts are gorgeous

Meggymay said...

Fantastic hearts , love the subtle colours shades.
Hope things turn out okay for you at work.
Yvonne x

chrissies said...

Such beautiful hearts--please add my name to your lsit :)

Hope everything works out well for you in your other life. Your crafty life always looks amazing

Love Chrissie x

Sandy said...

Your hearts are wonderful and just in time for the 14th!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

You certainly got over that creative block with a bang, didn't you? Such fabulous heats, all of them.

Glo said...

They are lovely!!
You are on my sidebar:

Carmen M. said...

So glad you found your inspiration Cindy. As always these are lovely. Enjoy your work.

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