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Sunday, 30 March 2008

ABSA Challenge

The other thing I have been doing this weekend is an ATC swap on the DC forum. The challenge is to create ATCs using an alternative backing to card or paper (AB) and to incorporate something altered (SA) somewhere on the ATC. I had seen ATCs with fairies and other items 'placed' in bottles, and also a website for 'bottle fairies' so when I saw some packaging that I could use to make the bottle, together with glittery CIC sheets I had made at the workshop all I needed was ..... the fairy. I wandered around a local craft shop hoping for inspiration and instead discovered a bit of balsa wood for 50p - mm, there was another alternative base, but no fairy.

Back home inspiration struck. Raiding my son's pile of old toys I found an old plastic soldier. With precision knifework he got a quick sex change, losing his backpack and rifle (well what did you think I was going to do?). Unfortunately I couldn't do much about his boots and legs, so decided this fairy would have a long dress. I added some hair from my daughter's discarded extensions and after some effort (acetate is very fiddly to work with) finished it. However, she still looks like a trannie but we all had a laugh about it and it is going in the swap. I might try it again with card as I have several more bits of 'bottle' packaging but I think I might have to try an alternative fairy!!

For the other ATCs I used the balsa wood and tried to do something a bit different to my normal style. I'm very pleased with them and especially enjoyed working with the balsa wood as it was easy to colour and made the ATCs feel very substantial. Just hope they don't all fall apart!!


Jan said...

These are SO different Cindy and you've obviously put a lot of work into them. I had to laugh about the trans-gender fairy (that's original isn't it!!)
Brilliant ideas which work really well.

Jinny said...


PBird said...

Ha ha what you like. Keep giggling about your fairy :) Looks okay in the pic tho! You know already that i love these but thought id just mention it again anyway x


really love the flower one Cindy. really lovely.
as for the sex change fairy, ooh i thought it was going to be painful roflol

Sian said...

These are all great. I'm not sure which one I like best.

joey said...

wow cindy these really are fabulous! my fave is the flower one, i think its the colours! so much inspiration on these 4 atcs! brill.x

WendyK said...

These are all brilliant, some great ideas. Still giggling about the poor fairy.

Nicks said...

I just love your ugly fairy!

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