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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bernie Berlin

Finally got hold of a copy of bernie berlin's ATC Workshop to have a look at through work. Probably a good idea they didn't actually buy it to meet my request as they'd never see it again!! Having had a look I think I will get my own copy, it's got lots of ideas and simple instructions on how to do things. I was particularly inspired by the section on gesso and magazine images as it looked so easy - and sure enough it was and I'm very pleased with the results of my first two attempts!! I have a load more ready to be finished and will post them to my gallery as and when they are done. Mind you after only an initial read through there are at least five more projects I want to have a go at!! Just not enough hours in the day unfortunately. If you are in to ATCs the book is well worth a look.


Jan said...

OMG - these are brilliant Cindy - I've had the book for ages and have always thought of trying out this technique (I haven't of course!) Your results are awe inpiring - must have a go.


this is one i liked the look of as well. and you have done a brilliant job.
Got a icky likkle feeling this was going to be a Project fromAnge. might be wrong tho.

Well done, Cindy, look forward to the rest. xxxx

Jinny said...

A women of many talents-so are you going to let us know how to do this tecnique-for those of us not priviliged to get are iccle hands on the book .....They are a fab tecnique xx

Angie said...

Great stuff Cindy .

Sian said...

Wow! These are fantastic.

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