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Friday, 28 March 2008

Image transfer

Meant to put these up a couple of days ago, this is what I was doing at the beginning of the week!! I was playing with image transfer and after the inevitable mishaps (and the odd bit of reversed text lol) I ended up with these. They look wonderfully soft and even a little indistinct - the dark haired lady in particular looks like she has been painted. I also like the way it tightens up the collage because the layered images don't have so much bulk (albeit they're only paper thin anyway!!) I had most success using the gesso technique and it really is so quick and simple I can't believe I have been scared of trying this for so long.



they are absolutely stunning Cindy. I especially love the dark haired lady.

Sherry said...

They're all fabulous Cindy x

Angie said...

These are gorgeous Cindy, how do you do these ?

PBird said...

These are so gorgeous looking. I'm going to go and take a pic of something im working on to let you so, ill post on my blog tonight. I just cannot get my images to work like this. I've been using gesso too, but i think i need a good teacher...hint hint :) Beautiful as always x

Sian said...

These are fantastic.

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