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Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday - Happy Easter!!

Just quickly doing a few pc related things while everyone else is still snoring. Finally finished my pieces for a jigsaw swap and here is the finished result. I think it looks pretty good, although I'm not really sure how to mount it properly - am waiting for advice on that one!! Otherwise am all up to date, next project is a matchbox shrine which I'm really keen to do but can't quite decide on a theme. I also have another mailer swap set up but I am not going to do anything with that just yet. I am off on a course with Susie Jefferson at the end of next week so really hope I will pick some new ideas which I can use. Will be really nice to do some crafting with other people and bounce ideas off in the flesh so to speak. Anyhow, I can hear stirrings so must be off.


Jan said...

Happy Easter Cindy to you and yours.
Susie Jefferson workshop? You lucky lady!!!


You know how much i love this Cindy.

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