Tuesday 26 January 2010



Helloo bloggers!! You all know how ditzy I am, and I ALMOST forgot about the fantastic 'One World One Heart' event taking place between January 25 and February 15this year. So I'm one day late, but hope you will forgive me!!

For those of you who don't know, this has been running since 2007 and is a wonderful opportunity to get out there and visit lots of blogs (many, but not all, of which are arty or crafty) and have the chance to win some fantastic giveaways.

My giveaway will be this altered coaster book which I made for a swap but never entered. It looks a bit thin, so I think I'll add another page or two (the joy of using jump rings!!) and if I have a real creative rush there may even be another piece of art on offer. Well it is a special event!! All you have to do to be included in my giveaway draw is leave a comment on this post before 5.00 pm BMT on Monday 15th February. You must also have a blog to link to or be able to leave your email addy so that I can get in touch should you be the lucky winner.

As regular followers will know, I am a great believer in sharing our art and have a giveaway every month - the OWOH event will replace my usual monthly giveaway for February 2010.

But it's not just about me, put an hour or two aside, get a cup of coffee and a few choccy biccies - then click on the logo above to start your journey on the magic carpet ride.

There are a lot of blogs to visit over the next few weeks!!

UPDATE: Yes I did add some more pages, if you would like to see the inside of the book please look here.

I also did have a sudden rush to the head so here is a second prize. This is a piece of slide glass that has been 'enhanced' with fusible film and embossing powders. I have just put a simple leather tie on it so it could be a piece of wearable art (although I do find these a bit big but then er well so am I and things like this don't hang so well if you know what I mean) or you could just have it as a pretty hanging. I've never done anything like this before so I hope it will stay in good shape

I also have a little altered tag that has been stamped and collaged to give away. I made this earlier this year and thought someone might like it (or maybe not - tough!)

How many blogs have you looked at? I don't think I'll ever get through them all!! But it's great fun and the giveaways aren't bad either!! Thanks again for taking part and for all your lovely comments - I am doing my best to get round to everyone but regretfully time has been at a premium this week so please be patient!! Off to do a few more rounds on my magic carpet......

Monday 25 January 2010

Summer Garden Goddess...

Well we need to think about summer and flowers in a few months to help us get through these grey days of winter. I don't know about your garden but mine is a tip and pretty depressing to look at at the moment. So when we had to make a garden goddess for our current Art n Soul Challenge I decided that mine would be bright, flowery and cheerful.

She has a little air dried clay face, woollen hair and her dress is made of layered floral die cuts and tiny flowers. We also had to use glitter in this project and I have glittered the flower centres and her 'hat'. I am always surprised by how quick dolls are to put together (once you have decided what you are doing!!)and how nice they are. From being someone who had a thing about dolls I am becoming quite a convert to these paper art dolls.

I'm still not too sure about those lifelike baby ones though......

Sunday 24 January 2010

And the January giveaway winner is...........

Jan. I'm sure my little doll couldn't have a nicer home to go to. Thank you everyone for taking part, the February giveaway will be uploaded around the 6th of the month.

Some of you may recall that I recently took part in a puzzle swap - well here is the finished article, not the best photo in the world but it turned out pretty cool in the end!!

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Just a couple of things...

Had a good week craft wise, though haven't had much pc time. First thing I'd like to share is my entry for the ACF 57th challenge. I'm trying to get back in to the swing of challenges but this is quite a simple little ATC using a background I had made earlier and changing the image in the orginal for two doves.

I've missed the last couple of art raffles for various reasons but I think it's a great idea so wanted to get back into it. Tha January theme was 'Beach/Beaches' - a bit hard to visualise in the depths of a British January!! I had an old ATC called 'wish you were here' and I was going to just send that but it seemed a bit measly.... so I made another one to go with it, then I thought I would make a little book to keep them in, so two wasn't enough..........

I also found some lovely beach images I've had for a while so that was that, so now there is a set of six ATCs in a holder. Didn't take very long as the ATCs are fairly simple but was quite pleased with the final result. Wouldn't mind winning and getting it back lol....

Saturday 16 January 2010

Tag it with Birds....

is the current challenge at Tuesday Taggers and I have made a card, which might be used for my hubby's birthday in a week or so if I can't think of anything else. So not too many flowers on this one, just to stop it getting too girly!!

Thursday 14 January 2010

Going round and round.......

in circles, or to be exact, making up a circle book for the current challenge at Art n Soul. I've never had a go at one of these but they looked rather intriguing.

From seeing some of the other's players comments I realised that it was probably necessary to have very good and accuirate folds to make the book close up when completed. Because of that I decided to just colour and stamp plain photocopy paper and basically see where that took me.

The theme was open. Which is disastrous for me - say, 'you can do whatever you like' and every idea worth a jot just flies out the window. So in the end I just pulled together some 'inspirational' quote stamps, one for each of the 4 segments, and went on from there.

All in all a fun project to do but with some potential to mess it up. I haven't put any additional embellishments on to keep it folding nicely and the cover is also a bit plain but I think it's fine.

Monday 11 January 2010

It's giveaway time - January 2010!!

Hi y'all, feeling MUCH better, thank you all for your kind wishes and caring messages - it really does help (especially when you live with a 'sympathetic' family like mine lol!!)

Right, here is the giveaway which I made yesterday and finished off today. Ain't she sweet? She is a little paper art doll.

I've said before that I find it hard not to try and make 'pretty' dolls and I was in the mood to do something girly, so apologies to those who like their art a bit more edgy. I had great fun making her although as usual I got hooked up in the little details. You will not believe how long it took to decide on the shape of the kimono sleeve as I wanted her to dance with her fans and it really bugged me that her sleeve would not hang 'correctly'in some positions. As if it matters. However I am particularly pleased with the way her hair turned out. Of course the whole thing was a bit experimental so now I know what I'm doing (!) I may make myself one without the mistakes hee hee.

Right then, you MUST know the drill by now. If you want to be included in the draw you need to leave a comment to that effect on this post. The draw will be made at 8.00 pm on Saturday 23rd January. International players welcome, and please feel free to link from your own blogs. Thanks for popping by. xx

Thursday 7 January 2010

What a way to start the New Year......

Thought I had managed quite well to get through Christmas without any colds or sniffles and after entertaining on New Year's Day was ready for a few days 'me' time before getting back into the work groove. Not to be, as I was floored by a terrible gastric bug that has kept me flat on my back (or in the littlest room) since Sunday. Feeling a bit better today but still not really in the mood for anything but watching mindless tv so will put back the giveaway date until the 12th. Don't think I'll be round much for a couple more days but thought I would quickly check in. Not exactly the way I had intended to start my New Year Diet but it has given me a bit of a head start.......

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