Thursday 28 May 2015

More Flowers!

Here is the 'card' I made with all those flowers I was making at the crop.

And yes, it did fold flat and go in an envelope!

Wednesday 27 May 2015


  Six years 
                               SIX Years.                                                                 
My room was so untidy last night with so many projects out I had to take time to put things away and get my thoughts in order. But my head is full of ideas at the mo and all my surfaces are still pretty much covered!!

So here’s one desk. I’m not quite sure where I am going with that flower thing.
But at least I can see it.

Inspiration stuck as I was putting away my scan n cut.
Hoping if I leave this die and card blank together it will get done eventually.
(The die just fits those panels!)

Only four projects on the go on this desk – A silver wedding card, some weird sunflowers I found when tidying up and just had to colour in, a ‘nail varnish’ card for the lady who does my nails and some bottle labels top left. Glary photo, the sun is bright this morning!

But I know what you’ve really come to see! Yes I am joining in with the great ATC swap and I have a few spares if anyone would care to trade. Or even if you just want one. 
Leave me a message.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive the last few years, of all the online groups I have joined this is proving to be the most enduring, largely due to the wonderful Julia and her delightfully thoughtful and funny posts which were the reason I ‘joined up’ in the first place. 
A kindred spirit, who introduced me to many more.
Happy WOYWW everyone!!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

I do love a bit o’ bunting

Here’s my finished bunting using craftwork cards papers and embellies and playing with my scan n cut. They are a little pink LOL and quite heavy being MDF blanks so I’m not sure whether to put them in my etsy shop – the postage might be quite high. But I will take them to my next craft sale, you never know.




Monday 25 May 2015


A quick card I knocked up this morning using papers from a new crafters companion cd. Must improve my photography skills – but you get the idea!


All over the place today, seem to be working on several projects at once. Makes a change to finish one!!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #311

Morning Deskers!! It’s that time again!! And once again despite my best intentions I only managed one post since last week. But I have been busy, just can’t show you much of it. However, here’s my desk this morning:
I made some bunting!! Well, I decorated some MDF blanks. I cut all the letters out and made the little heart shaped border with my scan n cut. Question now is, is it finished?
The motorbike card is for a friend’s brother – The Harley Davidson theme was a special request and I didn’t have anything suitable (obviously??- well have you?) so went digital and found some cool free images – I particularly liked this one ‘cos it is quite ‘dynamic’ not just a side on view. Liked it so much I printed out another one to make up. I used print magic on various bits to make them shiny. Really brings the colour out. Could be falling in love with digital again. Here’s a (slightly) better photo.
IMG_1706[1]The little flowery card to the right of my desk is also for a friend who wanted it to go with her flowers at a funeral – sadly, it’s for a young person and she wanted something ‘celebratory’, bright and flowery. 
This is the matching condolence card I made last week.
OK that’s it for this week. Wondering why I am showing this to you? Hop on over to the wonderful Stamping Ground and find out. Join in why don’t ya?
PS. I will be joining in with the anniversary swap – I have quite a few additional ATCs available to swap  if anyone is interested – watch this space!!

Sunday 17 May 2015

Here we go…

I had a most fantastic day yesterday, meeting up with the lovely WOYWW crowd courtesy of incredible organisation by Jan and Julia (though I have to say I did have to keep chasing up the tea). A good drive home then a quick change and off to a family 50th which was a really great night with even more chatting, laughing and even dancing – I should be exhausted but I have woken up pleasantly energised and full of plans.

First off I’d thought I’d prove I could still do a blog post that wasn’t on a Wednesday.


Unfortunately, this is a picture of my desk and the wonderful swaps I received from woywwers yesterday. So I haven’t really branched out much! Still, it’s a start.

Right, going to step away from the computer, get on with some crafting and then get out in the garden. It looks set to be a lovely day!

Wednesday 13 May 2015

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #

Morning Deskers!! Well you would be forgiven for thinking that this blog is all about WOYWW for that is all I have posted lately! Anyhoo, here’s my desk this week:


Alas, still not much to show. I did a bit of stamping and colouring to make that flowery card. I have a pile of stamps to put away. Made that little bag quickly last night for a friends birthday gift – late as usual but mainly because we have not been able to get together not, for once, because I had forgotten. A couple of wedding cards to take with me to my nail lady and a stray topper that appeared from nowhere. Oh and, grins happily, a pile of ATCs!! YAY!!I’m ready for the crop apart from something to do – think it may have to be flowers.

Not much crafting to report but have had a busy week – most exciting thing, went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A on Monday with DD. Ridiculous, bizarre, beautiful – BRILLIANT!!  Still thinking about it.

So, why am I showing you this (rather poor) piccie of my desk? go here to find out. And, dear deskers, will try and get around as many as possible in my rather limited time today as I am out with a friend later and then have a cardmaking 101 session with another friend this evening. Well at least I’ll get to be in my craft room even if it is doubtful I get anything done!!

Wednesday 6 May 2015

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #309

Here we go.


The ‘Other’ desk. Absolutely nothing of interest. Sometimes there is something to be said for a slight staging of items. Centre stage you can see my first home made die storage – I opt for magnetic sheets in clear plastic envelopes from Lily Of The Valley now as the homemade folders got rather heavy. But the original ones are still in here. Mat from my scan n cut ‘cos I have been cutting out sentiments – you can kinda see the result over to the right. I was asked for sympathy cards again so am making a bunch. Some envelopes with cardboard backings donated by a friend because it is good as a base for projects (such a womble). My hougie board as I must have been scoring something. Really nothing very inspiring, although I do have a few commissions on the go. Trusty bug over to the rear.

And that’s me for this week.

Worryingly, not an ATC in sight.

Wonder why I am showing you this? Check this out. And join in!!

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