Wednesday 21 December 2022

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 707. The nearly Christmas edition.....

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Well, I have never been this late posting but felt I had to stop by this week and say Merry Christmas - mind you I will still be getting round till Christmas Eve at this rate!! Lucky me, I have just been insanely busy doing nice seasonal things (hence being AWOL last 2 weeks) and then when I got up this morning I couldn't find my glasses. As these are a permanent fixture on my face except when in bed I could NOT understand what had happened to them. Cue panicked searching, random tidying, cursing - long story short, when hubby finally stripped the bed totally to change the sheets as we had completely wrecked it searching he found them nestled in the duvet. I dunno how. I am at a loss. We already looked in the bed 3 times. Well, I was so late for a lunch date by then no time to post this morning!!

So are you all ready for the big day? Pretty much done here, it will be low key again this year. My favourite sister (should one say that?) has drawn the Christmas rota at her new job as a police 999 operator and my nephew also will be working at Wormwood Scrubs. Another nephew will be with his girlfriend. So they will be missing, no mum of course and only 7 for lunch which is small by our usual standards.  

So to the desk: 

Not much crafting going on here, but I am trying to repair a few decs that didn't make it through. You can also see that a few Lavinia treats arrived yesterday from Countryview crafts. The bags at the back (which I did not make, life is too short) are for table presents.

We've got a lot of new games to try out this year so I'm quite looking forward to a few sessions over the holidays as the workers are mostly home. And some quiet time in the craft room. Bliss.

Just remains to say have a wonderful Christmas. See you soon!! Love n hugs Cindy xx

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