Wednesday 23 May 2018

WOYW?W - 9th Anniversary

Well it’s here! Happy Anniversary everyone!!

Well this will be short, as I am on me holibobs and have to use my phone. Nightmare!!so apologies for any gibberish and typos. Ok, well you might think holiday? Oh no desk. But in fact I am in a lovely little cottage in the Cotswolds with my mum and sister having our very own crafty retreat. We have turned the conservatory into our very own craft room and its been a hive of activity.

Ok phone has decided we will have to without picture, but if you have the capability and inclination here is a link to them on Facebook. I will try to work out how to add them but for now this is the best I can do.

Wanted to say that most of my swaps have been posted already. My PIF is ready and waiting. Address details please to cashplantatyahoodotcodotuk. Only address I can pick up from here. Or go via FB and message me. Same goes to any swappees that have yet to get in touch.

Forgive the boring post, will try to sort!!

Wednesday 16 May 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 467

Morning all! Once again it's Wednesday (wonder how many times I've writen that) and time for our weekly deskhop courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground. Read about it, join in, we don't bite (!)

My desk:-

Cards to the right are from Tuesday's craft class. I need to make up the extras and then put it all away. Little suitcases are samples from my next class - just can't stop making these, they are so quick to put together. I actually dug out my bind it all to make a little album to fit in one of them. ou will be forgiven for thinking this was a little posed - I was halfway through tidying up the craft room when I remembered it was Tuesday and time to take a photo before there was nothing to snap. So this desk had been done. In case you think I am a reformed character here's the other one.

I have no idea how I work like this. Anyhow, would love it if you could come for a visit, will try and get round as many as possible today as it's a bit of free time for me today - huh, heard that before.

And let's not forget next week is the 9th anniversary Swap! Last call for ATC swaps! After going through my comments I think I have swaps set up with Nikki C, Annie, Neet, Kyla, Kelly, Sarah, Suzanne and of course Shaz. I cannot remember who I have actually swapped addresses with but I'll sort that this morning. Might even make my ATCs today, you never know.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #465

Mornin' deskers!! Here's my desk.

Have just been working out projects for next week's class. These navy and white die cut layers are coming along nicely. Towards the back you can see some cards we made at class yesterday - deconstructed zig zags!! A really fun and effective technique. Just need to finish those off. A nearly finished card using up some heartfelt creations papers. At the back you can just see a little suitcase - that's another project for half term I need to finalise, been wandering around my desk area for weeks. So that's me. Feeling a lot better yesterday and today, the old arthritic aches and pains are easing off. So it's a house day. Need to catch up with all those horrid chores. OH will be back today, he has been to Helsinki celebrating Vapu (?) aka Mayday. I believe a lot of fizz is involved. Can't have him thinking I haven't moved from my craft desk for two days........

Why am I telling you this? Well hop on over to  WOYWW HQ at Stamping Ground where you can find out all about it. Oh, and if you are in the running for an anniversary swap do let me know. I shall actually be away in the cotswolds so will need to be a bit organised this year. Well, there is always a first  time for everything they say...... Happy Wednesday

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #781

  Morning deskers, welcome to our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. As you may know,  Julia has stepped down after many years of commitment...