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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #632 - Pouf!!

 and the week was gone again. Julia was so right.

Morning deskers, gonna have to be quick because I'm writing this quite late Tuesday and my bed is calling. This last week has gone so fast, I feel like I'm running to stay still!! I am going to have to re-consider how I fill my days because nothing is getting done. I'm still walking my 10B410 as often as I can and that alone takes at least 2 hours when you factor in getting ready to go out, and collapsing in a heap when I get home. Another hour or two to have breakfast, tidy up the kitchen, do a few chores, shower, get dressed, put the washing out on the line (bringing it back in wet after it gets caught in the rain), putting the Tesco delivery away, emptying the dishwasher, filling the dishwasher, visiting mum (that's at least two hours) ...... before you know it it's mid afternoon and it's a wonder anything other than maintenance gets done at all. 

In all fairness I do probably read rather too much in the course of a day but it's my favourite thing to do apart from crafting!!

Anyhow, here's my desk, I took the photo last night.

Aha, didn't expect to see me sitting at it did you? I have a very clever new selfie stick with a stand and a blue tooth controller. It's rather fun!! I was trying to practice with it as if you don't know what you are doing it kinda removes all the spontaneity doesn't it? (Yes I am such a technophobe I can get confused by a selfie stick).

Craftwise, I was asked for some wedding cards last week and thought I would make some new ones - you can see I've been colouring in some digi images ready to make toppers. There's an anniversary card to the right ready to be photographed - I use a 12 x 12 paper pad to make my backdrop.

I've actually had a couple of commissions and have made a huge bunch of cards this week. Here's a few favourites.

Not too happy about the wholesale lifting of restrictions next week - I shall probably continue doing much the same as now but the figures are not good and seem only set to get worse. I really do think sometimes that Mother Nature is trying to tell us something...

Latest news on mum is that she is scheduled for her stent op on 5th August. Thanks again for your best wishes. One day at a time. 

Despite all my walking, I find my 'middle' remains stubbornly stiff and inflexible. So I've ordered a hula hoop to see if I can get it to improve. There may have to be a video, but I'm not making any promises. 

Why am I showing you this? Well it's our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground - pop on over and join in, see what it's all about and have a go yourself. 

Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #631

Morning Deskers!! My desk is pretty busy this week as I've picked up a few commissions and I'm in the mood to mass produce - one for client one (or two) for my stash. This is the horror of my desk when I am actually being productive. 

Every surface in the craft room is covered as I search for a daisy die that I think will be just the thing for that card you can see. (Never mind I probably have 20 similar dies that would work just as well). Can't find it, the new filing system has failed me. 

Does anyone else do this? Time to move on but I'm still uncomfortable I don't know where that die is, it will bother me at a low level all day. I didn't know yesterday, what's the difference?

Anyhoo to prove I've been busy here's what I've been up to earlier this week. I asked for this stamp set at Christmas as I have a friend who I make a 'cow' card for every  year so I'm always on the lookout for a new image. Well, the birthday is in July so I thought I'd better get these out the packet pdq.

Scrolling on Pinterest (my bad) I came across the images pencil coloured & embossed onto Kraft card. Of course I can't find the pin now, but I rather liked the look, & followed the suggestion in the post to stamp, colour & then stamp again and emboss over the top. 

I must have known this mustn't I? With a stamping platform it's a complete game changer.

So I stamped a huge load of the
 images, first directly on to some kraft cards and then onto white card. I was going for productivity more than creativity as Macmillan is not that far off now and I wanted some fresh new stock. The kraft ones were coloured with pencil and came out pretty good. I really do like the images, though I'm not too sure about the 'good cluck' and 'silly goose' sentiments. It does mean however I didn't waste any time looking for sentiments. (But in fact I later cut those two off). 

I decided to mask the ones on white card and stencil a background. I then coloured in the image with alcohol pens.

I cut some white frames to anchor them on the card and made them up very simply and flat, almost a one layer card. They are basically all pretty much the same (and deliberately off centre). 

Another NBU successfully integrated into the fold. 

I wanted the set for the cow but I think all the images are super cute. 

But the pig is definitely my favourite. Hogs and kisses!! (snort)

Can't go without thanking everyone for their kind wishes for Mum. She came home at the weekend, and is very happy to be home. She is well in herself, though still rather 'chesty' and a final decision on the stent is yet to be made - provisionally booked for the end of August but we've been here before. I'm significantly less freaked than last week - the problem isn't resolved but she's home. Small mercies eh?

Why am I showing you this? Well it's our weekly Wednesday Blog Hop - WOYWW. Here's the link to the one responsible, the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground - pop on over and join in, see what it's all about and have a go yourself. 

Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx

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