Wednesday 25 September 2019

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #538

Mornin' deskers, grizzly and grey here in NW London. But I don't intend going far, this is a rest day - after a full-on day yesterday 9.00 am/9.30 pm frankly I'm pooped.

Here is my desk today.

Various remains from yesterday's class to go away plus the prep for Friday's class which is the Rubik-cube style never ending card you can see at the front.  I think it's such a fun card, as addictive as a Rubik's cube as well. Easy prep for me, and it's a small class Friday so today I shall be mainly cutting out coloured squares. Towards the back/RHS a pile of things I have turfed out from my various WIP storage that need doing for craft fairs - they will probably still be there next week!! Pleased to report WIP now down to 2 rather than 3 boxes - but it's slow going.

So why am I telling you this? Well it's WOYWW, the weekly celebration of (mostly) crafty desks from around the world hosted by the amazing Julia Dunnit of Stamping Ground. Pop on over and join in, we don't bite.

Happy WOYWW everyone.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday #(a very big one)

Some desker I am, haven't made it since the big anniversary!! Have given myself a 3 week holiday from classes and commissions and need to get at least one WOYWW in before life and commitments catch up with me.

Here's today's desk -

Pretty tidy for me I must say. I am prepping (in a low key kinda way) cutting out flowers ready to make that flower girl card at class next week. Over at the back I have a load of almost there boxes and books (I get easily distracted) that need to be finished ready for my next craft sale. I had my best ever sale at the w/e (I won't be retiring to the bahamas so don't get too excited - just significantly better than the last one when the 'profit' after table money was £1.50) and stock levels are looking a bit thin.

One of my 'holiday' treats was to get to a workshop with Eileen Hull at That's Crafty. I made this. Thought I would never willingly pick up a needle again but this was quite fun and relaxing. (Big stitches, big needles LOL).

Well of course I went a bit mad. Several new dies later and a big pile of felt I am going to have to make a few more. (Justification being of course that I would usually be spending a fortune at Ally Pally this weekend). And if further justification were needed I am going to be in Nerja for 4 weeks in February so this could be a nice light and portable project to take with me.

(If that last para appears on the blog blue and  underlined I have no idea why)

Anyhoo, why am I telling you this? Well that's because it's wednesday, the best day for desk snooping courtesy of Julia Budd at Stamping ground. Hop on over and join in. Right then, I'm off to visit a few myself.

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 776

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