Wednesday 20 November 2019

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #546

So today is Wednesday (AGAIN!) when we scoot round various desks courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground to see what everyone is up to. Hop on over and join in why don't you?

Aah winter. Already laid me low with a 2 week virus and set me up nicely with a cough that will probably last till next summer, hence MIA last week. But enough of my ills, here's my desk this week.

Centre stage is my pop up card using some gorgeous Laurel Burch stamps. Totally inspired (enabled) by the lovely Neet as I had never really registered these images before. Thanks Neet!! Otherwise just a complete mess. In the interest of full disclosure, here is the view from the doorway:-

No excuse really. I really hate it like this, especially at Christmas time when I am often working on multiple projects at once and consequently I have to make use of my lowest shelving options (the floor) increasing the amount of bending I have to do (How does Helen do it?) and making free movement around the room rather difficult. There is a little bit of residual stuff to go away after class yesterday but not too much. I'm basically stuck like this till 2020.

My dining room is in a similar state - we had new furniture delivered yesterday. There is so much packaging to get rid of (by volume larger than a double wardrobe). I really hadn't considered this consequence of buying ready made furniture rather than flat pack. I am quite in shock as to how much there is to get rid of. (Hubby almost goes into cardiac arrest putting flat pack furniture together so I have vetoed it for the future. However he was halfway there just getting the new stuff out of the packaging so I doubt I've gained much. I thought they did it for you. My bad, didn't read the small print). So will have to sort this afternoon as I can't put everything back in the new cupboards as there is no room to move there either until I get rid of it. First world problems I guess.

How I hate decorating/home improvement/ you coping Julia?

 Happy WOYWW!!

Wednesday 6 November 2019

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW #544

Well I am very late on parade today. I have a cold and not much going on in my brain. I swear I just sat and stared into space for an hour this morning while drinking my first cuppa. Or maybe I just glazed over - hubby likes to watch an hour of news first thing. He likes to keep up to date, I just get more depressed!!

So today is Wednesday (AGAIN!) when we scoot round various desks courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground to see what everyone is up to. Well here's my desk, undoctored (although I did remove all the 'litter' so you didn't just get a picture of a pile of scraps).

At the front,  a card I am just finishing off using a Michael Powell image from ages ago. Also a small pile of stamped images I am working through - they go on a card or in the bin. To the right a couple of toppers recycled from last year's received cards that I may use or 'file'. A glue pot that I am trying to get the last bit out of.... At the back - well, don't look there... Crimbo cards continuing apace - see that black basket? Well that was completely stuffed with Christmas UFO's from last year but it is 3/4 empty - yay! Might crack it today if the brain fog lifts. I am being very disciplined, I have some lovely new dies and stamps from last year that haven't seen ink but I refuse to open anything else until I clear some of  this 'old' stuff. Go me.

Other than that not much else to report. Last week of Stoptober (we were on holiday first week Oct so started late!) so will probably go out this w/e. Hasn't made me feel any better, (in fact I feel terrible at the mo but that's not lack of alcohol) though perhaps my liver is grateful. Haven't lost any weight either so that's not the problem! Have a happy WOYWW one and all.

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 776

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